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There’s been a lot of buzz about Joe Biden being one of Barack Obama’s VP choices. By Saturday we will all know if he’s the man or if he was passed over. For Obama, he is probably a good pick. An AP news story states some reasons:

[Obama’s] staff in Chicago and party activists see Biden as addressing two of Obama’s biggest weaknesses — his lack of experience, especially on world affairs, and his reluctance to attack his opponent.

Biden has made a trip to Georgia since it’s recent invasion by Russia. The recent aggressive actions by Russia will emphasize the need for America to have someone who can handle foreign issues. Whether we like it or not, Iraq will continue to be an issue for years to come. Iran is a clear problem. Both have made threats toward our allies and us. Obama may see Biden’s experience with this as a plus. Obama certainly needs something against McCain’s military experience, and Biden might be better than nothing.

The problems I see with Biden is his numerous verbal blunders. Add that to Obama’s trouble speaking without a teleprompter or script, and you have trouble. So choosing Biden could be good news for McCain.

If he is selected as Obama’s VP, Biden will probably continue to run as a US Senate candidate, much the same way Joe Lieberman did in 2000. That’s a shame, especially since he has been serving in DC since 1973. That’s most of my life, and as the AP article noted:

…half the people living in the U.S. were not born when Biden arrived on Capitol Hill.

Would Biden be a good poster child for term limits? He might be in the short list.

Probably the oddest thing about this whole event:

…Biden is staying uncharacteristically quiet…

That’s almost miraculous.

And my favorite part of a News Journal article:

In Greenville, the day began with Biden delivering doughnuts, bagels and coffee to those assembled outside his home at about 9 a.m. Biden spent a second day uncharacteristically silent on the pressing issues of the nation — global affairs and presidential politics.He left his home again at about 11:30 a.m., telling reporters he was going to a trash dump to dispose of tree branches.

“I had a successful dump,” Biden said when he returned about 90 minutes later.

Taken out of context, the Biden quote can be quite funny.

The AP article quoted above is located here. The News Journal article quoted above is located here.

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2 thoughts on “Biden As VP

  1. Joseph Biden is just the type of person that Barack Obama needs..

    for the sake of a balanced whitehouse.. not for his humour one can justly assume:)

    I fancy myself a Joe biden kind of person.. with that good old “never shuts up” sometimes puts a foot in their very big mouth type of person.. Still haven’t figured out if I should be that proud yet.. lovely post.

  2. I’ve always liked Biden (seriously), and wondered how he could still operate in Washington…

    1) With the terrible hair plugs and

    2) Never knowing when to ‘shut the **** up’.

    – DickNix

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