Free Obama Buttons

Posted: 08/19/2008 by that's Elbert in Barack Obama, Politics, President, The Dark Side

For all the Barack Obama supporters that read this blog, you can show your support by picking up a free button from It features a picture of Obama surrounded by “vote” and “08”. A great way to get them to burn through those buttons would be for a large number of conservatives to request the buttons. By requesting the button you promise that you will wear the button, but who is to stop you from putting a sticker over the face of the button? Maybe there’s a circular sticker with “McCain” on it or “Baldwin” or “Barr” or whomever you support. I might request one and stick one of my Christine O’Donnell stickers over it.

If you want your own Obama button, head on over to The Dark Side at Yeah, tell them I sent you. More than likely they’ll say, “Who?”

  1. How about a red circle with a line through it?