Local Blogger Passes Away

Posted: 08/09/2008 by that's Elbert in blogging, News & Politics

I was very sad to learn that Bruce Revel of the Bruce’s Thoughts blog passed away Sunday morning, August 3rd. The Daily Times has an obituary posted at this link. According to the article, he was serving as the interim pastor at the First Baptist Church in Hurlock, MD. He also enjoyed time with his grandchildren and playing golf. He was 59 years old. Be sure to say a prayer for his family and friends.

  1. Karen says:

    His last post is somewhat startling, wouldn’t you say?

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Revels at this time. I hope they find peace in Christ and know that Bruce is serving Him in Heaven as he did here on earth.

  2. Wow Karen, I went back to read it and I was stunned. Here’s an excerpt from that post:

    [Tim Russert’s] death impacted me because he was only a few months younger than me, a stark reminder of my own mortality. A casual observation I made to my wife about Mr. Russert’s death continues to haunt me. Mr. Russert died suddenly of a massive heart attack in the midst of his busy day, as he was planning for his usual busy weekend schedule.

    Upon learning of his death, I flippantly said “That’s the way I want to go!” No lingering illness, no endless treatments, no prolonged hospital stay, and no nursing home indignities to be endured. However, as I’ve thought about that prospect, I have to ask myself how prepared was I to die suddenly that Friday afternoon or this afternoon? I wasn’t really ready then, or now. I don’t mean this from a spiritual perspective. I am a Christian, I am confident that whenever I die, I will go to be with Jesus Christ for eternity. I am not afraid of death from that perspective…