My McCain Issues

Posted: 07/20/2008 by that's Elbert in election, GOP, John McCain, Politics, President, Rants/Opinions, Republican
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This afternoon I have finally written down two of my issues with presidential candidate John McCain. One is found here in this quote:

There are two polls today that show us basically tied, and I think we are in the right position. I like being the underdog. (article)

What in the world is that? He likes being an underdog? Would he like to be a winner? He ought to lose that “underdog” moniker and take the attitude and language of a winner, that is, if he really wants to win. And if a poll shows that you’re close to tied, it’s probably within the margin of error which means you very well might be ahead.

This leads into another issue. Does it seem to anyone else that he wants this nomination because he’s owed it? I get the idea that he thinks he’s going to ride into victory on the votes of those that feel it’s his turn. The Republicans already had a candidate like that back in the 1996 election – Bob Dole. He gave us four more years of Clinton. It appears to me that we have the recipe for another 1996 election, and this one will give us another 1976 President.

  1. goodtimepolitics says:

    Obama and his wife allow their children to listen to Jeremiah Wright their entire life while he said God’s name in vain. How can any good American vote for such a man?

  2. strider333 says:

    In a way, McCain is Dole…dull, old, loves war verses talking…and destined to bore the h*** out of everybody. Can anyone imagine this guy finishing off the economy?

  3. If anybody’s taking down the economy, it’s Obama if he gets it. Try taking more money out of the pockets of the working class by taxing the crap out of everything and watch it drop like a rock. And regarding “loves war verses talking”, it just isn’t true. We talk to our enemies until we are blue in the face and then talk more. If it’s left to the liberals we’ll still be talking while 90% of the country is run over or blown up by our enemies. Of course, by that time the US will be signing articles of surrender, which would make the libs even happier.

  4. This country needs a true conservative to make tough decisions, balance the budget, end these costly wars that are tanking our economy, and stand up to special interests in Washington.

    I don’t see one.