Is Markell Running For Governor or President?

Posted: 07/18/2008 by that's Elbert in Delaware, democrats, election, governor, Politics
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One of the Democrats running for Delaware governor, Jack Markell, has been running ads on TV recently which strike me funny. Instead of pointing out Delaware’s problems are the current leadership’s fault, it would seem that Delaware’s problems are President Bush’s fault. Uh, Jack, Minner/Carney (Democrats) run the state, not Bush. Delaware’s problems are clearly laid at their feet, not Bush.

Although with a second thought, Markell is trying to win the Democrat primary, so a little BDS works well with his party.

His ad, which has been on TV for a while, is finally on YouTube here.

  1. I just saw this ad last night, and noticed that he blames President Bush for the problems, but acknowledges that other states are adding jobs and growing.

    Hey, Jack, if other states are doing okay while Delaware isn’t, maybe the problem isn’t in DC, but in Dover!