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Posted: 06/28/2008 by that's Elbert in Delaware, families, government, Laurel Delaware, Politics
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I received an email from the Delaware Family Policy Council alerting their mailing list to some funding hidden in the Delaware’s budget for the new fiscal year:

…hidden in the Tobacco funding, is $132,600 of our money being given to Planned Parenthood, Delaware’s largest abortion provider!

They are urging residents opposed to this to “call your legislators and ask them to vote ‘NO’ on the budget, S.B. 300 (page 106 of the budget).”

I do wonder what Planned Parenthood provides in services that would be tobacco related. Maybe someone who knows can email me or comment.

Our representatives in southwestern Sussex County are Bob Venables and Biff Lee. Here is their contact information:

Senate District 21: Robert L. Venables, Sr.:
Office: (302)744-4298/Home:(302)875-9559/
Representative District 40: Clifford G. “Biff” Lee:

While I am a technology guy, I would recommend calling as opposed to emailing, although one could choose to do both.

One additional note from this email:

Join us at Legislative Hall June 30th, this Monday at 5:30pm to show your opposition to Planned Parenthood! Please call Jordan Warfel at 302-***-**** when you arrive and he will meet you at the door with a DFPC “Say NO to Planned Parenthood” sticker and provide you with details of what to do next. (Be sure to bring your driver’s license or a form of identification if you do not have a license, no cameras permitted).

You can reach the Delaware Family Policy Council on the web at this link.

UPDATE: SB300 is at this link. Here’s what I found (numbers to the left are line numbers on that page):

1 This Act makes an appropriation to the Division of Community Health for Tobacco Fund Contractual
2 Services. Of that appropriation, funds are allocated as follows:
3 $3,374.2 Tobacco prevention through Community Based organizations
4 $370.4 E-Resources Program – Delaware Academy of Medicine
5 $222.2 Kent County/Sussex County Consumer Health Services – Delaware Academy of
6 Medicine
7 $331.0 Wesley College Nursing Program
8 $122.3 Polytech Adult Education Nursing Program
9 $144.0 Delaware Hospice
10 $132.6 Planned Parenthood of Delaware (emphasis mine)
11 $115.2 St. Francis Hospital
12 $75.0 Hepatitis B Vaccine
13 $60.3 American Lung Association – Asthma Project
14 $231.5 Child and Families First – Resource Mothers Program
15 $43.2 Kelly Heinz – Grundner Brain Tumor Foundation – Awareness Program
16 $27.8 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Family Support Project – March of Dimes
17 $23.1 AIDS Delaware

That still doesn’t tell anyone what service they provide, outside of just saying they have be contracted for some services. If one were to guess that it is some tobacco education service or helping someone kick the habit, what guarantees do they have that the money is not being spent on something else?

  1. Paul Smith says:

    And even if it is being spent on what they claim it is, money’s still fungible, so this frees up resources to engage in activities they might have had to forgo, like greater encouragement for minors to engage in casual sex.

  2. Absolutely right, Paul. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for covering this! I broke the news over at my blog. I would ask though that you take my phone number down after Monday. I don’t really like it floating around out there. Thanks!

    UPDATE on Venables: I heard that Venables will speak out against it on the Senate floor, but will not go so far as voting against the budget. He needs some constituent phone calls!

    Some more facts about Planned Parenthood. They had over 100 million dollars of surplus nationwide last year. That is a ton of surplus! With all the organizations that are in desperate need of the money, does Planned Parenthood really need it??

  4. This is the only item listed on that part of the budget that is elective in nature. The money from that fund is supposed to support tobacco-related health problems, no? All of the other health places listed could have a legitimate claim except planned Parenthood and Children and Families First.