Graham Is Suspending His Campaign

Posted: 06/25/2008 by that's Elbert in Delaware, election, GOP, governor, Politics, Republican
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The News Journal is reporting that Republican Dave Graham is suspending his campaign for governor. As the News Journal reported:

Graham has been unable to win the favor of Republican Party leaders in both of his gubernatorial campaigns. In 2004, he was nominated at the state convention, but the nomination was not seconded. He got 6 percent of the primary vote that year, losing to Lee in a three-way race. Protack finished second. At the GOP convention in May, none of the more than 300 delegates nominated Graham for the race. The day the convention started, Graham told a live radio audience and The News Journal that he believed Lee was an alcoholic and not fit to be governor. His claims were vehemently denied by Lee and others, and the incident put Graham’s name on many Republicans’ black list.

For Graham, it’s a good move. I can’t say that it will take him off any black lists, but it may help. Mike Protack is the only other candidate that may make a primary fight for Bill Lee. Protack needs to back out considering he will loose the primary and still end up on the ballot in November for the Independent Party of Delaware. Protack is going to get what he wants because any registered voter can cast their vote for him in November. He can save that $5000 filing fee and spend it on something else.

The News Journal story is here.


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