GOP VP: Jindal, Palin – No Not Yet

Posted: 06/25/2008 by that's Elbert in conservative, election, GOP, governor, John McCain, opinions, Politics, Republican
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In all the discussion regarding McCain’s choice for Vice President, the names Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin come up again and again. Bobby Jindal is the current governor of Louisiana. Sarah Palin is the current governor of Alaska. Both got into office promising real reform and real change for their respective states. Both governors are conservatives. Both would be an asset to McCain, who could use all the help he can get. While it would be very cool to have either one in that position, I think it would be very bad for them.

Personally, I think both Jindal and Palin need time to make the needed changes in their own states. They need to build their resumes. It would even be good if they would encourage other like-minded candidates in other states. While the nation as a whole needs their kind in high office, we would be better served by them at a later date.

So for Vice President, I will say no to Jindal and Palin… for now (actually, doesn’t Jindal/Palin or Palin/Jindal look like a good ticket?).

On a side note, Jindal is facing some trouble with change in his own state. During his campaign, Jindal promised to veto pay increases for legislators. Now it looks like he will sign a bill allowing those raises. In this post at Hot Air, it appears that the taxpayers are revolting. So Jindal is facing the difficult choice of angering the taxpayers that voted him in or angering the legislators that will help him get his reforms through. It is one of the tests of leadership. Hopefully he will do well.

  1. Ted says:

    With all due respect Elbert with an E, it is precisely the right time NOW for Palin, and after you watch this from earlier this evening (Palin on Kudlow show), she’s certainly ready to rock and roll right now!


  2. Ben K says:

    I am more open to Palin right now than Jindal. I think she would bring more to the ticket.

  3. Paul Smith says:

    I like Palin better than Jindal as well, but she just gave birth to a child with Down’s Syndrome, so her availability is in question.

  4. Howard says:

    If McCain doesn’t pick me for VP than I think Palin and Jindal either one would be a good VP for McCain altho I favor Jindal. Let’s face it McCain needs a younger person on his ticket and even I am younger than him.

  5. Shirley says:

    I really like both Palin and Jindal, but agree that they both need more time under their belt…I’m not sure either is well-known enough to bring a bump to the campaign.

    If McCain picks either, I think Jindal would be the smarter choice. He has a great deal of wonkish policy experience. I hope he has the you-know-whats to veto that legislative pay raise in LA…that would give him a great deal of credibility.

  6. Matthew says:

    I also respectfully disagree with you, Elbert, about the timing. A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow. Jindal or Palin might very well be better prepared for the White House in four years, but the office will be a lot less enviable if Obama has four years to become America’s Castro.

  7. KC says:

    Oh, I so disagree with you. Jindal is the perfect choice for Mccain. This guy’s got the experience, the personality, the it factor! Unless he is just an awsome actor, I found myself feeling motivated and spirited when he talks…..its evidence, he’s got a burning desire to make a difference in any positions he’s in and that really is what’s lacking in washington today. I will not only vote for a Mccain Jindal ticket….shoot! I’ll put a sign out on the lawn and may even volunteer to do door to door campaigning.

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