More Father’s Day

Posted: 06/17/2008 by that's Elbert in personal

It’s worth touching in a personal way about my father and my father in law. We saw both of them on Father’s Day.

If you’ve been here very long you already know that my father passed away five years ago. The way I usually refer to visiting the grave site is to “go and see dad.” I don’t get out to see him often enough. He is buried not far from where he grew up and where I grew up. In fact his parents and many extended family are in the same cemetery. In more than one way it is often a walk down memory lane when I see him. I have some memories of my father’s parents and some of the others that have gone on before dad. But the reason I’m there is to see dad. When I’m there I often think of our times together, but many times I think of the times I missed with him. It’s silly to think that way, but I usually do.

My siblings and I were blessed to have the ability to buy a monument that honored him. I’ve always said that we bought a monument that would make anyone think he was the wealthiest man in the area. He wasn’t, but what he deposited in each of his children was worth more than anything.

Just before we saw my dad my family stopped at my father-in-law’s house. He seemed so happy to see us. We brought him some gifts but he seemed happy enough just to see us. It was a special time enjoyed by all.

I hope Father’s Day was a great day for you. It was great for this father.

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