A roundhouse kick to the pump?

Posted: 06/16/2008 by ttownjotes in Delaware, News & Politics, Politics, Rants/Opinions

I think this video was a little on the strange side, but the guy is everywhere now…

It makes you wonder what Chuck Norris is going to be running for in the next few years. After all, he wouldn’t be the first actor who went into politics. Certainly he got his share of face time (when he still had the beard) standing behind Mike Huckabee during the Huckster’s Presidential campaign.

Years ago, Chuck began to make the transition from an actor in front of the camera to the television and movie producer behind the camera and in the latter stages of his Hollywood career appears to be moving into the realm of political media. Not only was he a well-known Huckabee backer, but he’s also parlayed his name recognition into becoming a weekly columnist for the WorldNetDaily website and apparently becoming a recognizable face behind the “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” political movement. (Unfortunately, in his most recent WND column Norris shows he’s not quite in sync on the ethanol issue. But I digress.)

I’m still glad he’s on our side, though, because I’m sure Chuck can still deliver a pretty mean shot to the chops. But I have to ask – not only did he lose the beard but what is Chuck doing filling up a Honda Ridgeline?!?!? I still associate him with Dodge trucks after all those years of Walker, Texas Ranger.

Despite all that, the good news is that the DHDNPL count has climbed over 800,000 and soon Congress may be feeling the heat from more than just the July weather. If you haven’t done so, sign the petition today and join me in standing for a sensible solution to our energy woes.

Finally, this item from the American Solutions blogsite makes me ask the question: how quickly can Andy Harris sign this pledge? Would Frank Kratovil risk losing his environmentalist base to appeal to the larger number of voters who have had it up to here with $4 a gallon gasoline? And my crossposted friends across the border in Delaware may want to ask this question of their Congressman, Mike Castle. Where’s his John Hancock on this pledge?

Sometimes the strangest event can be the spark for a revolution. I’m beginning to think the ’10’s are going to be scary yet exciting years to be an American because a day of reckoning is bound to come on a number of issues. Let’s hope we can resolve them the right way.

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