Elbert Gets A New Outhouse

Posted: 06/14/2008 by that's Elbert in Fun, News & Politics
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This Elbert isn’t getting an outhouse. I would probably be getting a visit from Laurel’s code enforcement if I did that. There’s an Elbert in Ohio that got one.

Elbert “Lew” Preston stood his ground against public health officials in Clermont County, OH. They claimed his outhouse wasn’t up to code thus they wanted it removed. This outhouse was build in the 1960’s and had withstood destruction from a tornado. From the article:

Preston, who is slowed by diabetes and has colon problems and pacemaker, said he never saw the need to replace the old outhouse — which once was picked up and carried into his garden by a tornado without major damage.

“I moved it back and it was as good as new,” he said. “I figured it would last me for the rest of my days.”

A non-profit group called People Working Cooperatively built Preston a new outhouse, placing it overtop a one thousand gallon tank. More than likely this will last Preston a while.

One of his reasons for keeping a outhouse is the expense of installing a septic system. In addition to that:

…he’s used an outside toilet since settling in Washington Township 40 years ago and likes the privacy of a privy.

“When you’re in a house, sounds carry,” Preston said. “Everybody knows your business.”

Elbert Preston is keeping his business to himself. He is one cool Elbert.

The story is here.


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