AT&T Cell Phones Down In Delaware, PA, NJ

Posted: 06/09/2008 by that's Elbert in Delaware, News & Politics, Technology
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Happy Monday! This morning I found out that AT&T cell phones are not able to send or receive phone calls to land line phones or other cell phone providers. This is effecting customers in Delaware, parts of Pennsylvania, and south New Jersey. I’ve heard nothing about an estimated time when everything will be working again. Updates on this blog later.

UPDATE 12:44pm: Got this from another blog:

Apparently, the company is suffering “tower issues”

I haven’t found any more information. If you visit the blog linked above, remember it is opinion and the blogger uses profanity. I’m only using it because I can’t find anything else.

UPDATE 1:43PM: Michael Crook’s blog is a good place to keep up with information about the outage.

UPDATE: The Conservative Geek weights in on the outage.

UPDATE: The News Journal is now reporting what Michael Crook has already said: two fiber lines have been cut. And this thought crosses my mind: are AT&T customers going to get a credit for the outage?

UPDATE: Michael Crook’s phone started working at 6:28. I didn’t notice mine was working until 7:45 but a friend on AT&T said he was working at 7:12. Nice that we are back on.  It will make life at work much easier tomorrow.

  1. Sam says:

    Yea, I just noticed this to, so I googled it to see what was wrong, and I found this.
    Good to know its not just us! 😀

  2. Thank you for the link.

    However, there is no profanity, thank you very much, and while I do mix in opinion, you “forgot” to mention I called AT&T, and am in the process of calling press relations.

    Please get your facts straight before lying about other bloggers.

  3. Michael, sorry for the misunderstanding but I swore that near the end of your post you were in a rant about AT&T during which you dropped the f-bomb. I have went back and now can’t find it. Normally I don’t make a habit of archiving websites where I link so I can’t show you what I thought I saw. I do notice that you made updates which include lots of direct information. I did not intentionally lie about you, and if you look around here you’ll see that doesn’t happen to any other bloggers.

    Regardless, anger should be directed toward AT&T for some really poor service today. Thanks for your work keeping us readers up to date on what’s happening.

  4. I apologize for my outburst..this has been a stressful day, what with my phone being more a paperweight than a business tool.

    I have added an internal e-mail that was accidentally sent to me, and it shows just how much these people knew and how long they knew it. It may convince some to go elsewhere once this is said and done.

  5. Steve says:

    a lot of my relatives use At&t. Thank you for reporting valuable information. At least someone is on the ball. I haven’t seen the News Journal post anything about At&t’s towers being down(they are lazy!).

  6. Yes, and now, supposedly, I am going to be arrested by AT&T for posting the e-mail, according to one wack job that emailed me. LOL!

  7. Just as a by the by…

    I did a CNN I-Report 🙂