Boston’s New Lead Vocalist

Posted: 06/08/2008 by that's Elbert in Music
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This is too cool. 43 year old Tommy DeCarlo from Charlotte, NC is the new lead vocalist for the classic rock band Boston. He got the job after band members heard his karaoke recordings of their songs. Founding member Tom Scholz said DeCarlo’s voice sounded just like Brad Delp, the former lead vocalist who committed suicide in 2006.

DeCarlo sang at the tribute concert last year. Regarding his performance, Scholz said:

“Even at the tribute, I heard a few people say it was a little eerie to hear Tommy sing, because it sounded like Brad up there.”

Sounds like rock’n roll dreams come true even for 40-somethings.

Story links: ABC News and CNet

  1. Michael says:

    That’s similar to how Judas Priest found a different vocalist when Rob Halford took a hiatus from the group…Ripper Owens was singing for a JP tribute band.

    Owens did 2 CD’s for the band (I think, I know he did at least one because I own it) before Halford took back the singing chores a few years back.