Squeezing The Grapes

Posted: 06/06/2008 by that's Elbert in personal
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Friday night finds me poking on the keyboard trying to get something out of my head. There might be many somethings to get out of my head. This has been a crazy couple of weeks along with a good amount of stress. So what do you do? Writing just wasn’t coming. In fact I sat down to type something earlier this week and… well… I just couldn’t. I sifted through my emails along with some brief reading then let the computer alone.

I had coffee with a friend this week. We chatted about technology, church, family, music, and some other things. I gave him some advice in an area that I felt I had nothing to offer although I had been in a similar situation before. He got up with me the next day and let me know that it helped him take care of a difficult situation. It seems that when I have nothing to offer, God pulls out something that makes a difference in someone.

I have heard that grapes are their best during a drought because the juice is more concentrated. Is this a drought for me? Maybe so. I don’t like grapes although I like grape juice and raisins. Getting to the juice requires being squeezed. I don’t like being squeezed like a grape either. But if I got squeezed for a friend, it’s OK.

Ah, I found something to write.


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