It’s A Two Man Race…

Posted: 06/04/2008 by brownmike in Barack Obama, John McCain, opinions, Politics, President
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Obama has clinched the Democratic nomination. Now it is official, McCain vs. Obama. Elder Statesman vs. Political Phenom. Personally, I think McCain will win in November because he has a few hundred more elections under his belt. What I really think is that the most important leader in the world will be decided on sound bites and nonsense. Sometimes, listening to the “analysis” on some of the news networks sounds more like Entertainment Tonight. Who had the better speech, who looks more presidential. Are we picking a prom queen or a president?

Here’s what I want to know:
Are you going to defend me and my freedom at any cost?
How will you honor the Constitution and what does that mean to you?
Where do you stand on the key issues?
Can I trust you with my country?

I don’t care about what you look like, sound like, or whether you always say the right things in your speeches. I know there is a science to this stuff, but I wonder if given the opportunity, would we have the wisdom to elect George Washington, John Adams or Thomas Jefferson today? Would we have the courage to elect Abraham Lincoln and stand behind him when the right thing proved so costly in today’s political atmosphere?

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  1. tizlock says:

    In case you are not familiar with Frank Schaeffer, I respectfully submit his POV (and respectfully respect your right to think it’s dumb!!) Enjoy…