On Tour, Sort of

Posted: 05/24/2008 by that's Elbert in Christianity, Fun, Music, personal

I’m going to be a busy dude this coming week. First, I will be preaching on Sunday morning 5/25 at Delmar Christian Center. Part of the DCC worship team will be playing at the Laurel High School Baccalaureate service on Tuesday 5/27. In addition, part of the DCC worship team will be supporting the DCC drama team on Wednesday 5/28 in Westover, MD. So that’s three dates in four days. Giving this string of dates a tour name seemed to be appropriate. Hey if nothing else it would be fun. Back in the day, Jars of Clay would have some interesting tour names. One that stood out was “The 3 O’Clock Parade” tour. For the string of dates coming up this week, I think “The Dazed and Confused Tour” seemed nice, but it doesn’t sound very religious. Some might argue that it lacks faith. So to you, the reader, I ask for your help. Would you have an idea for a name for this 3 date tour?

  1. Greg French says:

    You can call it as you see it. Many times the Lord gives us what we need in all circumstances and we fail to see His blessing and/or the answer to our prayers. That’s what the Lord tells me anyway. So to answer your query re: the name for your 3 day tour, would be simple………………….”3 Day Tour”…..Well done blog site. Thanks, Greg