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Posted: 05/21/2008 by that's Elbert in Christianity, conservative, democrats, liberal, opinions, Politics, prayer, US Senate
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I thought it would be worthwhile noting some other local comments on Senator Kennedy’s recent health issues. The Conservative Geek put up a post on his blog echoing some of what I wanted to say:

Cancer doesn’t care if you are a kindergarten teacher, as my mom was, a vagabond, or a United States senator that has served eleven years longer than I have been alive. It is an equal opportunity world wrecker.

That is what moves me to compassion. We will all die someday. It is just simply a horrible way to go, and I would not wish it on anyone.

Frank Knotts at Delaware Politics echoes these thoughts but points out WGMD’s Bill Colley making some rather disgusting remarks on his show. It would seem that Bill welcomes the man’s demise. Frank makes a couple of good points:

…we must not put our politics above our humanity…


…a prayer for someone who has done wrong does not condone what they have done , it is a prayer for God to save them , and we are all worthy of that.

Without a doubt, the left has been gleefully happy at any conservative’s demise, and have made that plain on sites such as Daily Kos. Conservatives are better than that. We don’t need to take ourselves down to their level and behave in such a base fashion. There are exceptions, mind you, such as Al Sharpton’s comments about Jerry Falwell after his passing. I know that kavips knows that. Glad that Hube called him on it too.

I should add this. Back about twenty years ago, I had some rather cruel remarks about a different liberal politician that had encountered health issues. This was back before the blogs, so you’ll have to take my word on it. God called me on it, and I had to repent and change my ways. After going through some tragedies and seeing friends walk through some difficulties, The Lord has given me a different perspective on these life and death matters. I hope I never act that way again. There is grace if I repeat that mistake provided I repent, but I don’t like sinning and grieving the heart of God.

Again, join me and many others as we lift Ted Kennedy and his family up in prayer. Honestly, it would really be cool if he were healed as a result of our prayer efforts.

  1. laurel says:

    Elbert –

    You said “Without a doubt, the left has been gleefully happy at any conservative’s demise”

    I don’t think that compassion is partisan. I’m about as far left as they come (a terrible thing in slower lower). I recognize that cancer is a horrible, horrible illness, and I’d wish it on no one.

    It’s that kind of sweeping generalization that gives conservatism a bad name. Shame on ya.

  2. OK laurel, you busted me! I should have said “some of the left” instead. Yes, some generalizations get under my skin too. I assume you’re not questioning the rest of the statement, just the generalization.

  3. Shirley says:

    I’m with you Elbert. I disagree with most of Sen. Kennedy’s policies, but in the end we are all human.

    There are morons on both sides of the political aisle, but I think they are the exception. They just happen to be a little louder, that’s all.

    My thoughts and prayers are with Senator Kennedy and his family.

  4. Greg French says:

    It’s easy to not feel any remorse for someone getting what some might think they deserve, however, being “at one” with the Word we are told not to gloat over anothers demise lest the Lord withdraw His punishments, if it be so. I have prayed not as much for his healing, we all must die of something, but for his salvation. The children of Israel proved over and over again that miracles have no affect on people. It’s like knowing they lost a few pounds, then turn around and celebrate with a feast. But what greater revenge on the devil then to take one of his staunchest allies and have him preach the Lord Jesus Christ. The Senator gets eternal life and the devil and his friends get nothing. I’d rather have eternal vengeance for good then the pleasure of earthly vengeance for a moment. Pray for his and his families salvation.