Saturday’s Deadly Georgetown Accident

The multi-car accident that happen at Gravel Hill east of Georgetown Saturday was caused by an illegal alien. The News Journal reports:

The driver of the vehicle that triggered a five-vehicle, chain-reaction fatal crash over the weekend east of Georgetown has been identified as 30-year-old Noe Gonzalo Mendez-Perez, of Georgetown, state police said Monday. The crash killed Mendez-Perez and three others.

What the News Journal (and WBOC) failed to report was what WGMD reported:

Both Gutierrez-Santico and Mendez-Perez were in the country illegally.

38 year-old Apolinar Gutierrez-Santico was driving a Grand Am which fled the scene. He turned himself in on Monday. Gutierrez-Santico lived in Laurel while residing illegally in this country. He was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, driving without a license and failure to have proof of insurance. Again, to be clear, he was involved in the accident but did not cause the accident. The accident was caused by illegal alien Noe Gonzalo Mendez-Perez.

Michelle Malkin has reported about problems with illegals involved in traffic accidents here and here. The latter post was about a widely reported story involving a school bus accident. Not much was reported about the women’s illegal status either.


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