Around The Flugelhorn Sunday

Posted: 05/04/2008 by that's Elbert in blogging, Christianity, food, Fun, health, History, Just For Fun, Laurel, Laurel Delaware, Music, sports, theology

Some blogposts of note from around… everywhere.

UPDATE: You should read this with Dan Fogelberg’s song “Longer” playing in the background. I’m told that is a flugelhorn playing the solo.

I like mushrooms in my salad and on my pizza. I would never eat some I just picked out of a field, but Delmar Dustpan reports that a Laurel couple did just that.

Brian is pondering healthy thoughts. He’s adding more water to his diet. It seems that adding more water to my life also makes me feel better, although I prefer that water to come in the form of sweet tea or fresh ground coffee. Can anybody say “amen” to that?

Paul informs his readers about a song first published 100 years ago this week. This was a very popular song, still sung today, whose first line is, “Katie Casey was base ball mad.”

I have judged that Jeff The Baptist’s post on Twisted Verses is worth a read.

Michael took his readers out shopping recently and confirms the pain in our wallets. I’m happy to know that there is someone else that does most of their grocery shopping at Walmart. Out family does venture into Food Lion in Laurel if we need something right away or if it’s on sale. If we are down in Salisbury, we will check on Giant or Superfresh for sale items, particularly boneless chicken and some of that 8 o’clock coffee. Mmm.

Wow, three of these posts were about food. It wasn’t done on purpose, I promise. But, right now I’m thinking about that pot of coffee…

  1. Chris Theis says:

    Speaking of food, the 40th District Republican Club is putting together a family picnic. There will be fun, food, fishing, and some guest appearances. I will keep you posted on the time and place, possibly May 31st. Anyone interested in meeting fellow republicans from Laurel and Delmar need to make this event a priority.

  2. Laurel says:

    Elbert, you might want to check out Sav-A-Lot on Stein Highway in Seaford. I just did a week’s worth of grocery shopping there for about $80.00.

    I like Walmart’s prices, but I can feel my blood pressure soar the minute I hit the parking lot.