Live Blogging The Delaware GOP Convention

Posted: 05/03/2008 by that's Elbert in christine o'donnell, conservative, Delaware, election, GOP, Joe Biden, Politics

Paul Smith, Jr. at is live blogging the Delaware GOP convention today. The link is below:

He indicates that he had seen several other Delaware bloggers present. I was asked to attend but woke up with a headache this morning. Headaches are serious for me, so I opted out of going. Driving one hour from Laurel to Dewey Beach was not a good idea. It’s not even a good idea for me to drive across town like that. Anyway, considering all the activity over at this post regarding the Tim Smith campaign, it’s worthwhile to repeat what I was texted by an attendee and was posted on Paul Smith’s blog:

UPDATE (11:15): Christine O’Donnell won the endorsement with 60.7% of the vote just over the 60% requirement. Smith has promised to drop out and support the endorsed candidate.

So Christine O’Donnell is going after Biden. Godspeed!

UPDATES: There’s a couple of additional things worth pointing out from the GOP’s event:

  • The results for the nomination for governor: Lee 250, Protack 60, Graham boycott. According to Paul, no one even nominated Graham.
  • Bill Lee was in Disneyworld with family so his son accepted for him, and my friend Marlene Elliot-Brown gave second speech.
  • Terry Strine is resigning from his post as chairman effective May 9. Tom Ross was chosen to replace him.
  • No one nominated me for governor. Well, I only got about 4 supporters and one of them bailed on me.

I have to say thanks to Paul Smith, Jr. for his live blog and to Jim Brown and his son Mike for the text messages during today’s activities. It was greatly appreciated!

ANOTHER UPDATE: I was hoping Dave Burris would have something on his blog, and he does.

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