Windows XP SP3 Available Today

Microsoft is supposed to be releasing Service Pack 3 for Windows XP today, April 29. It will be the final major update for this version of Windows. PC Magazine reports:

Windows XP SP3 is really an accumulation of updates for compatibility, security, and performance. It doesn’t contain new features found in Vista…

So the average user won’t see much of a change to their OS, unlike Service Pack 2 which introduced a lot of new and annoying features. That is not to say that SP3 is unnecessary. Adding those security updates to your computer is an important exercise.

If you want to grab the update yourself, go to Microsoft Download Center. PC Mag reports that the full installation is 580MB. If you have your computer set for automatic updates, you can wait and get it there sometime around the beginning of June.

UPDATE: I’m behind on this. They delayed the release. PC Magazine story.