New Sidewalks In Laurel

My wife and I have noticed that there are many walkers on Discountland Road in Laurel between Carvel Gardens, Hollybrook, and the several businesses on route 13, including Food Lion, Family Dollar, and Happy Harry’s. Most of the residents of these apartment complexes are lower income people, so one would guess that keeping their cars parked on a short trip is much better for their budget. Of course, the problem on that road is that there are no sidewalks available. New sidewalks are coming once Hollybrook begins their property upgrades and the housing development begins construction, but for now drivers just need to be cautious on that stretch of road. Honestly, the foot traffic won’t get lighter as long as gas prices remain high.


One thought on “New Sidewalks In Laurel

  1. Every time its ridiculously foggy in the morning and they don’t delay school I worry about the kids walking without proper pedestrian through-ways. I wouldn’t want my daughter walking in those conditions or my students! And with the budget cuts the schools are facing I doubt they will even get the respite of the winter bus from those areas.


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