Controlled Burning In Laurel

Posted: 04/29/2008 by that's Elbert in community, fire, Laurel, Laurel Delaware

You know we live in a small town when a whole bunch of people gather around the controlled burning. It happened on 10th Street right across from the fire department. It was on the property where the new factory is going, the property once owned by Craig Littleton.

And there’s more pictures, plus a Delmar resident visits Laurel…

And guess who was out there taking pictures….

Good to finally meet you, Joe. Hope you were able to get some good pictures. I’ll check your site and provide a link when you get them up.

  1. Apryl says:

    hey i did a good job taking those pictures they turned out pretty good yeah pretty much the whole town gathered to see that plant burn alrighty well i love you and i’ll keep reading your posts

    your loving daughter

  2. Erin J says:

    My dad is fire-police for Blades VFC. He spent about 20 minutes talking about this to me today while I was at his house. He called me later on and wanted me to walk down my street and see if I could see the smoke so we could compare the size of the plume from our different vantage points.

    I politely declined. Give me a good bon-fire on the beach though and I’ll be there.