Will Prayer End High Gas Prices?

Posted: 04/28/2008 by that's Elbert in Christianity, economy, gas, prayer

Rocky Twyman of Washington, D.C. believes that Americans need to pray for lower gas prices. Recently, Twyman made a trip to San Francisco as a part of his prayer campaign “Pray at the Pump.” San Francisco has some of the highest gas prices in the nation, topping $4+ a gallon. He also advocates doing some practical things:

The 59-year-old Twyman says people praying for cheaper fuel should also walk more and use car pools.

If that’s possible, I wouldn’t be surprised that some Americans aren’t already doing this. Personally I made a change to a doctor’s appointment to tie in with another family member going to the same doctor. Why make two trips from Laurel to Millsboro when one is cheaper? I can’t afford too many trips like that anyway.

Twyman says that if God brought down the walls of Jericho when the ancient Hebrews prayed, then divine intervention can bring down gas prices too.

Prayer can certainly make a difference. We probably should have been doing it already.

“God, deliver us from these high gas prices,” Twyman said. “That’s all they have to say.”

The articles quoted above are here, here, and here.

  1. kavips says:

    Can anyone give a good answer as to “why not”?

    ie, can it hurt?

  2. needhelp says:

    I’m confused. Whose God should the prayers be directed to? Yours…or the God of the people controlling the oil production?

    Having said that, perhaps you pray for a cure for cancer, world peace or something a little less selfish?

  3. needhelp, I will pray to the one true God. While a cure for cancer and world peace are important, why would asking God for some help in our everyday lives be selfish? He’s got time for the big things and the little things too. And relief at the pump will not just help me but my neighbor, my state, and my nation. Is it then really selfish?

  4. needhelp says:

    When you put it like that it doesn’t just stop at your nation – what about the rest of christendom, like errr… Canada, Mexico, Russia, France… indeed it helps out places like Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan, all across the world! Yep, not selfish at all, you’re right. Go for it.

  5. needhelp, I think your concern for the world as a whole is admirable. Are you saying that prayer for the bigger things is OK, but that God help my budget stretch so my kids can eat is not?

  6. needhelp says:

    Perhaps you should pray for food then, or was that not working for you? Can’t imagine why. Surely ‘your one true God’ can hear you….can’t “He”? Although with all that prayer going on, not sure how “He” can really hear anything.

  7. needhelp, I have prayed for food and it has worked out well. In fact, we have on many occasions had enough food to share with others who didn’t. I don’t understand how God hears all those prayers but I have faith that He does. It’s a supernatural thing, far beyond my ability to do it. I have trouble hearing from two of my own kids with my two ears, but somehow God hears everyone.