Blog News: Tim Smith, Commenters, and Delicious

Posted: 04/26/2008 by that's Elbert in blogging, Delaware, opinions, Politics, US Senate, web sites

I am truly surprised by all the comments and hits I have received on the post announcing Tim Smith’s campaign. It has stirred up more conversation than any other post on the blog. I have rejected several comments on the post due to some inflamatory comments that can’t be verified. One comment did get posted, which was allowed because I wanted to stir some conversation on the topic it addressed. Tim Smith was kind enough to send a note and verify some of the things said, basically saying it wasn’t true.

I contacted one of the commenters via email regarding some things he wrote, and he has yet to reply to the note. That comment hasn’t been approved thus it’s not posted. Some strong accusations were made that simply shouldn’t be posted here without some truth to it. And, I should add, the Smith campaign would be contacted about the matter discussed. That is only fair.

Something written in this comment is worth repeating here:

And to be clear, I have not thrown support to any candidate in this race, but I can tell you with confidence that Biden isn’t getting my vote.

Here is a note regarding comments in general. The comments are set requesting a name and email address. Known anonymous comments are not wanted and will be rejected. Honestly, it’s hard to verify email addresses but “” is obvious. Email addresses are only seen by me. The commenter might get a note from me but that is it. If you use a fake name, there’s not much I can do about that, but there’s no reason to not use your real email address unless you are ashamed of your opinion. I’m a nice guy, and I’m not in the business to hand out somebody else’s address, period. Your address is safe here. For the sake of full disclosure, I’ve commented on other blogs on a couple of occasions under a pseudonym but left my email address.

Now on to other things…

A very special thanks to all those that visited my wife’s blog, Melody’s Moments. It means something to me, and your clicks certainly warmed my heart.

I have added a widget in the second column for Delicious. I stumble across some news articles and other things during my time on the web that I might either write about or simply share. Hopefully you will find something there that is of interest.


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