Tim Smith For US Senate

Posted: 04/15/2008 by that's Elbert in Delaware, News & Politics, Politics

This came in the email from Tim Smith (via a friend) on Monday:

This week we will be formally launching our campaign here in Delaware for the United States Senate. The announcements will take place this Wednesday April 16th at the following locations:

10:00 am – Old New Castle Court House Museum (211 Delaware St., New Castle)
12:30 pm – Old State House (25 the Green, Dover) near Legislative Hall in Dover
2:30 pm – The Circle, Georgetown

The larger the turnout the better! Please forward this email and encourage your friends and family to come out to support our announcement to the press.

I look forward to speaking with you personally. For more information or to find out how you can help please call me directly at 302.228.7194.

Thank you all and God bless you!

Tim Smith is running against everybody’s favorite Senator and Presidential candidate Joe Biden.

  1. Check out his newly launched website.


    Let’s help send “Mr. Smith to Washington”

    I know Tim personally, and have joined his cause. I hope all delawareans will take a look, and consider…



  2. swampcritter2 says:

    I thought Biden, a 4H-er (Hell How he Hates Himself!)was going to bow out after this year. He’s a stain upon Delaware, and a pity for the nation.

  3. Joe says:

    Yawn. Another dull white businessman with no political experience. Lol. Biden will make mincemeat out of this guy. I’m hearing that a lot of people in the state GOP are not to enthusiastic about this guy. Word is they’ve been recruiting Christine O’Donnell to run against Biden. It’s an uphill battle but she has a better shot at Biden than this guy.

  4. concerned says:

    I don’t think the GOP are recruiting Christine O’Donnell. She is in serious violation of FEC laws as she hasn’t even filed yet (and announced March 22, 2008 according to an article on downwithabsolutes). She should have been filed and had her first quarterly financial report up by now.

    I cannot see the GOP leadership backing/recruiting someone that cannot even keep her campaign legal, that would be a bit foolish on their part. They have enough to worry about without having to deal with FEC fines and such.

    As to Tim Smith – at least his campaign looks to be legal at this point. I’ll have to wait and see what happens with him from here.

  5. Just Say No To Joe! says:

    As for comment #3 from Joe; you don’t have a clue buddy. O’Donnell is all about the “Flash & Glam”. She is looking for the BBD. The only real content I hear her talking is basically plagiarized from Tim Smith’s comments and speeches. Now there are 2 Joes that are on my losers list. Or maybe they are the same guy??!! WE NEED A CHANGE BIG TIME! Can you say Mr. Smith goes to Washington!!

  6. Joe says:

    Christine O’Donnell has not announced yet, but everyone says she is going to run. I actually decided to give Tim Smith a consideration and I went to one of his events the other day. Frankly I found him kind of scary. He rambled on about how God spoke to him and asked him to run for Senate against Biden. Supposedly God “recruited him” and assured him that he will win. Lol. The event he spoke at was a religious organization, so he was probably pandering to the crowd, but how shameless. That really turned me off about him. He sounded like either a nut or slime ball. Kind of reminds me of Oral Roberts. What’s next? Will Tim Smith be on TV saying that God told him he is going to “call him home” if he doesn’t raise a million dollars for his campaign? Sad. Surely we can recruit a better candidate than this guy. Still waiting.

  7. Joe, regarding Christine O’Donnell, take a look at this post. In your comment, you wrote:

    Supposedly God “recruited him” and assured him that he will win.

    I know that he feels that God directed him to do this, but did he actually say that he had God’s assurance about winning? I know that others have felt God’s direction to run for office but I’ve never heard someone say that they were told they would win.

  8. Joe says:

    Yes, he actually said God came to him in a revelation and said he MUST run. Lol. He said God promised he would win. Hmm. This guy’s a real piece of work. So our choice is between a jerk (Biden) and or a crazy person (Smith). Given that choice, the Green party or Libertarian candidate may start looking pretty good. Surely DE can do better than this.

  9. Citizen1960 says:

    Tim Smith is a good man, and would make a fine Senator. I think Joe’s extreme accusations are pathetic, distorted and misleading. I was also a supporter of Ray Clatworthy, and even voted for Christine O’Donnell in the past. I know that all three of these candidates professed a faith in God, and each took on or are taking on Joe Biden after much introspection and prayer.

    If you have faith, but do not utilize its strength of intorspection, direction and confirmation, then why do you claim any measure of faith. Each of these 3, including Smith & O’Donnell have in various circles confessed seeking direction from their circle of friends, counselors and their faith.

    Our current President, and many great leaders throughout history have taken this position in faith. And if anyone is willing to take on the Joe Biden political machine, must find strength from their convictions in regards to governing, willing to put it it all on the line, and find confirmation from their source of faith.

    To put out this twisted interpretation is an unfortunate attempt to create false disqualification. You should be ashamed, and you are obviously more concerned with promoting O’Donnell (who also admits she has sought direction from her personal faith); than discussing the issues that contrast Smith & O’Donnell from Joe Biden.

    Biden is a problem if you believe in conservative – moderate methods of governing, and to make this campaign about anything but that contrast is reckless and dismissable.

    Speaking of O’Donnell, she is still not even listed on the FEC website, and is well outside of legal status for filing. Her campaign is now not only burdened with debt from her last run, but will face additional burdens from her current run. The FEC is quite clear as to how long you can file, from the time you declare yourself in the race.

    I am supporting Tim Smith… and no he is not scary or weird, rather a fully committed, viable alternative to the extreme liberlism of Joe Biden.

  10. Jon Moseley says:

    As Christine O’Donnell’s campaign manager through the Convention, and as an experienced attorney, I have to suggest that Tim Smith’s supporters may be demonstrating their lack of experience and competence in elections. The end of the quarter is on April 30, 2008. FEC reports are not due until after April 30, 2008. If you are going to accuse someone of not following requirements, you might want to find out what the requirements actually are first. Otherwise, you simply say things really embarrassing. These amateur comments are the kind of thing that will allow Joe Biden to tear Tim Smith to shreds in the Fall if the Convention does not choose an experienced candidate like Christine O’Donnell. We need someone who has experience in elections, not someone undergoing on-the-job training. Christine and I met in Washington with one of the top election lawyers in the country, whom you have seen on national television, as well as staff of the NRSC.

  11. concerned says:

    Mr Moseley,

    I am by no means either a lawyer nor associated with any of these candidates. However, I find it strange that what you say is contradictory to easily understandable publicly accessible information from FEC.gov.

    According to the filing chart for quarterly reports of 2008, the deadline for first quarter (ending March 31st) is April 15th. This can be found within the pdf from this FEC web page … document named “Printable Guide to 2008 Reporting” on page 5. This should be clear enough for anyone. My post was made on April 18th … which is AFTER the April 15th deadline, hence the first support of my comment that her campaign is breaking FEC laws and regulations.

    Now the other point is, as the first was, easily found on the FEC website. Once a candidate announces, as did Miss O’Donnell chronicled Here on DownWithAbsolutes, that candidate has fifteen (15) days in which to file with the FEC. Once again, allow me to provide reference for you. If you go to This FEC webpage and download the pdf entitled “Campaign Guide for Congressional Candidates and Committees”, it is fairly clear in chapter 2, page 7. That previously noted announcement happened on March 22nd… again WELL beyond 15 days prior to my post on April 18th. Thus my other supporting argument for saying her campaign is breaking FEC laws and regulations.

    Now I know you’ve said you are well versed in these matters and that you’ve even spent time speaking to lawyers in washington, but unless you can provide proof contrary to the clear FEC documentation I’ve outlined above – please refrain from calling me incompetent. Because quite frankly when I can outline the documentation and you cannot, it simply makes you look like a fool.

    Oh, and I stand firm on my comment that Miss O’Donnell’s campaign is currently “illegal”.

    Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong… but when doing so, provide evidence that anyone (since campaign finance is a ‘public’ matter) can read/find. Otherwise I will consider you simply blowing smoke.

    Thank you.

  12. Citizen1960 says:

    Here is the quarterly filing schedules for this election campaign.


    These reports are required if you are a candidate. To date, only Joe Biden & Tim Smith are listed as registered declared candidates for U.S. Senate seat from Delaware for the 2008 election.

    The FEC site also describes the difference between “testing the waters” and actually declaring a candidacy. While not all items may have triggered this, the announcement in March seems to qualify under the following quote from this link:


    “An individual may conduct a variety of testing-the-waters activities. Certain activities, however, indicate that an individual has decided to become a candidate and is no longer merely testing the waters. Under these circumstances, the testing-the-waters exemption would no longer apply. For example, the exemption does not apply if the individual:

    Conducts activities over a protracted period of time or shortly before the election;
    Uses public political advertising to publicize his or her intention to campaign;
    Makes or authorizes statements that refer to him or her as a candidate; or…”

    If I understand the above correctly, and the following link announcing as a candidate:


    Then the 15 days allowed as quoted from the following link:


    “Registration by Candidate

    Within 15 days after an individual becomes a candidate, he or she must designate a principal campaign committee as the principal committee to receive contributions and make expenditures on the candidate’s behalf. This designation must be made in writing by filing a Statement of Candidacy (FEC Form 2 [PDF]) or by filing a letter with the same information…”

    would appear to apply.

    Now their may be some room to move around this from a lawyer’s perspective, but from a regular citizen like myself attempting to understand who is running and who is not. O’Donnell sounds like on one hand she is testing the waters, but on the other hand declares she is a candidate.

    Frankly, it seems like she had a chance, and ran with a poor showing. And being one who cast a vote for Christine in the past, I think giving a fresh voice… someone from outside of the Washington network… I mean really… isn’t that Tim’s appeal any way.

    However this goes, assuming Christine is indeed a candidate for the GOP, I hope that both Tim & Christine can agree, and stay on point… Joe Biden must go!

  13. Jon Moseley says:

    This is why attorneys like Cleta Mitchell earns $500 per hour and you do not.

    The Tim Smith campaign is really embarrassing themselves on their unprofessional lack of understanding of Federal elections.

    The requirement to file with the FEC is triggered by raising or spending more than $5000, and must take place within 15 days after that time. Because we have a Convention, involving personal contact, and not a primary, this threshold has not been triggered within the last 16 days (that is 15 + today).

    The required filing will be made 15 days after the threshold has been triggered.



    When to File
    FEC FORM 2 must be filed within 15 days after an individual becomes a candidate (i.e., exceeds the $5,000 threshold as stated in 1, 2, and 3, above).

    An individual becomes a candidate for federal office whenever any of the following events occur:
    •The individual has received contributions aggregating in excess of $5,000 or made expenditures aggregating in
    excess of $5,000;
    •The individual has given his or her consent to another person to receive contributions or make expenditures on
    behalf of that individual and such person has received contributions aggregating in excess of $5,000 or made
    expenditures aggregating in excess of $5,000;

  14. Jon Moseley says:

    Dear Citizen1960 — By no means are FEC regulations or reports intended or permitted to “inform” you of who is running. That is not their purpose. If you are relying upon the FEC, you are making a mistake.

    The FEC regulations and reports are created to track and report M O N E Y — not who is a candidate.

    Therefore, you might want to get your information about elections from a more relevant source.


    To concerned:

    The requirement to file is not based upon an announcement but upon (again) money, because the purpose of the FEC is to report full-disclosure of FINANCES — not campaign activity protected by the First Amendment.

    FEC reporting requirements are not triggered by an announcement alone.

    Nevertheless, a journalists or blogger’s speculation about whether someone is running or not is entirely a matter of their own opinion, and does not constitute an announcement by a candidate.

    Bloggers can and do say anything they want. That is not the candidate saying it. Even if a journalist or a blogger SAYS that a person said something… it ain’t always so.

  15. Jon Moseley, you wrote:

    The Tim Smith campaign is really embarrassing themselves on their unprofessional lack of understanding of Federal elections.

    I am pretty certain that the commenters are Tim Smith supporters but I don’t think they work for the campaign.

  16. Corbit says:

    Mr. Tim Smith and his wife Ann are as real as them come. I have known Tim for 12 years, and he is no slime ball. To comment about someone you don’t know is complete smear. And you were at this meeting yourself. For what? To find something wrong with Tim Smith? How about I follow you and your family, and report what I think you mean and tell your boss, priest, wife what you said and what I think of you, and that you must be crazy. Your comments are honestly borderline “Religious persecution” and if you are in Mrs O’Donnell’s camp and representing her as a pawn in these blog sights that only a few see, I would warn you to be careful who you represent in comments like this about a persons faith.
    Mrs. O’Donnell is a Catholic, right? I am sure she would appreciate you knocking a mans faith and passion for God.
    Maybe you should stay out of this arena.
    What spiritual backround do you have my friend?, lets see if we can discredit you with your beliefs.

  17. Corbit says:

    As for Christine O’Donnell, I think she is a better talking head than a politician. She seems to be seeking a job with Fox News more than a job in the Senate. What makes her any better than Tim Smith, that she ran before and lost, and is on TV talking politics,I am tired of Monday morning quarterbacks, I am tired of words and no action, I am tired of politicians acting as if they care and know about this state, This state is losing jobs, freezing jobs, closing plants, and rasing taxes? Where is Mr Biden? I got it, maybe we could sell Joe Biden for President T-shirts to everyone that comes through our state to pay for DELAWARES FIRST GOLF COURSE, or more teachers, oh thats right we might have to let 100 teachers go.
    Mr. Biden, stay in Washington, and see if they can put you up someplace that would like you to stay someplace like the Smithsonian… its full of all kinds of old stuff.
    You know who else would never step down because they were power hungry and only thought of him self?… Fidel Castro.

  18. concerned says:

    My apologies to Mr Moseley and Miss O’Donnell. I stand corrected. The two documents that Mr Moseley and I referenced appear to contradict each other, but upon further investigation do not. Even though the document I was reading states that to “Make or authorize statements that refer to themselves as candidates”, it still refers back to raising or spending $5,000. I.e. the person can no longer hide funds raised behind the ‘testing the waters’ veil. Which means that I can only assume that Miss O’Donnell has not yet raised or spent even $5,000 (since she is clearly calling herself a candidate … BTW it was not a blogger saying it, that was simply where I saw it first. I did actually go to her website personally.)

    I’m big enough to admit when I’m wrong – thank you for clarifying that piece of information.

  19. Jon Moseley says:

    To Corbit — What are the skills of a U.S. Senator? Tim Smith’s resume is great — FOR GOVERNOR. But those are not the skills that are appropriate for debating Joe Biden in the Fall, or for functioning in the U.S. Senate. So when you say “I think she is a better talking head than a politician.” I believe you set up a false dichotomy. I think those ARE the skills necessary for being successful in the U.S. Senate. A lot of people are wondering why Tim Smith did not announce for Governor. He seems to be well qualified for an executive position — but not for a legislative one. I APOLOGIZE for using some harsh words above. Speaking very quickly and with little sleep, I used short-hand to see that COMPARED WITH THE CHALLENGE of taking on a 35-year sitting U.S. Senator, Tim Smith’s team does not have as much skill or experience as they might imagine. They don’t appreciate what a gigantic task they are considering to take on Joe Biden. BY CONTRAST, Tim Smith’s team seems very well-qualified to seek an open seat for Governor, without facing an entrenched Joe Biden. I apologize for my poor choice of words, but what I was referring to (at least in my mind) is that this is not a job for someone who is learning on the job.

    Tim Smith refers to David & Goliath. However, God prepared David and confirmed God’s calling on David’s life before David took on Goliath. David took on a lion and a bear, and taking on Goliath was the next logical step. We see no such preparation or confirmatin in Tim Smith’s life. God is a God of order. Christine O’Donnell’s past experiences prepares her for taking on Joe Biden. We see no such evidence of God’s hand in Tim Smith’s past life. Before you climb Mt. Everest, it would help to have some experience climbing hills first.

    In the Fall, Joe Biden is going to demand a debate or several. All the more so if Biden thinks his opponent will fail in the debate. If Christine O’Donnell can take on Alan Dershowitz on Chris Matthews’ show — and Chris Matthews declared Christine the winner — who is best prepared for a debate with Joe Biden this Fall?

  20. Joe says:

    As an outside observer, I’m rather suspicious of the posts on here. At least Mr. Moseley was forthright enough to state that he is Ms. O’Donnell’s campaign manager in the interest of full disclosure. However, there seem to be a couple of fanatically admant Tim Smith supporters who know way too much about FEC laws (or think they do) and the inner workings of the campaign to be just casual observers. It sounds like the Smith campaign is trying to pose as real bloggers in order to give the impression of actual support for Smith. Afterall, how is it that this guy whom no one ever heard of a week ago, suddenly has such staunch supporters on this blog of all places. Lol. Seems rather suspect to me. Frankly, Smith seems very maniulative from everything I have seen and I just don’t trust him or his campaign surrogates that pose as real bloggers on here. It’s all just a little bit phoney.

  21. T C Smith says:

    I am Tim’s dad. This is all very interesting to his mother and me. I just finished reading through the Book of Daniel last week and read Daniel 2:20-21 and Daniel 4:17, very profound. Who knows? We wish you the best, Son.

  22. Joe on comment #20, I am the owner/operator of the blog. People that comment here are just that, commenters not bloggers, otherwise they would have their own website/blog. If the commenters have a website/blog, there is an option to place their blog’s URL when they comment. I let the comments through to stir conversation.

    I can’t say whether the commenters are with the Smith campaign or not. Tim Smith is a Laurel businessman and attends church in Seaford. I would assume that among the people he has had contact with, at least somebody would be supportive of his campaign.

    And to be clear, I have not thrown support to any candidate in this race, but I can tell you with confidence that Biden isn’t getting my vote.

  23. […] Commenters, and Delicious I am truly surprised by all the comments and hits I have received on the post announcing Tim Smith’s campaign. It has stirred up more conversation than any other post on the blog. I have rejected several […]

  24. John Rittenhouse says:

    Our candidate, and our committee continue to work hard, work legally and work diligently to promote Tim Smith, to promote his message, and to secure the GOP nomination. All items are being completed for the ultimate goal of winning the seat held by Joe Biden in November 2008. We are singular in this purpose, and have worked intelligently, purposefully and professionally.

    To suceed in business, and in the business of politics, we understand the size of our fight, and have methodically launched a 1st class campaign, evidenced by our actions. First, we contracted a professional GOP political consultancy, helping us navigate the waters of high level campaining & fundraising. Second, we contracted with a non-partisan, nationally recognized campaign tool & resource center aimed at ensuring all we do is legitimate, legally sound and effectively cooridinated.

    As Tim continues to campaign with delegates, party faithfuls, Delaware leaders, political gatherings and one on one individually with Delawareans; we are quite excited about the level of professionalism and success we continue to achieve during the pre-convention momentum.

    I would again invite all individuals, Republican, Democrat & Independant to check out Tim’s website at http://www.timsmith08.com. Join us in this fight to elect Tim Smith as our next U.S. Senator in November 2008.

    Thanks for your support to date!

    Respectfully submitted for clarity,

    John Rittenhouse,
    Friends of Tim Smith

  25. Corbit says:

    Tim Smith for Governor? Well I heard Christine is throwing the same suggestion to Mr Smith.
    Lets keep a women in the Governor Mansion!
    Go Christine! Christine for Governor 08?
    One thing is for sure the party needs to unite and get on the same page. And please stop making Joe Biden’s head bigger than it already is. The man spoke on CNN a few weeks back (same time Tim announced his running) and Rick Jenson stated that when asked what about the people back home, (you and I Delawareans) he said, “I don’t have to worry about them, they will always vote for me” Come on Joe, I have never voted for you and never will. Don’t you Democrats feel used, he has used you for self gain, your just another stepping stone for him.

  26. Citizen1960 says:

    I apologize… briefly. The trigger of $5000 spend &/or expended while “testing the waters”… when combined with announcement of “I am a candidate” … appear to not be disassociated as it appeared to me. Again, I apologize.

    It just seems curious to me, that if one has declared early enough, and invoked the use of $500/hour attorneys for campaign opionions, that surely that individual should have hit the mark by now… but obviously this is not the case for Christine, per the word of Mr. Mosely… which I do fully accept as truth. The irony that kept me confused, is that most scenarios referenced were for the opposite. In other words, most candidates who are “testing the waters” tend to raise more money for this process, at which point it is required, and of course declaring the candidate & committee make it defacto. It even talks of naming committee clearly as to its purpose.

    Again, I am not a lawyer, so on the surface it just appears to be double speak by the rules themselves. And I accept the word of Mr. Mosely, and his high dollar counsel, as the truth.

    For me… I am just a citizen… just a delegate… and just another voting delawarean… from sussex county… who really likes the Tim Smith candidacy, and yes, I am an active supporter. My purpose hear, as on other sites, is to spread the word of Tim, not attach Christine. So I apologize again, if that is what my “ticked off at Joe” reaction boiled down too.

    My interest is seeing Biden defeated, and replaced with effective leadership. I am in the 40% who have consistenly voted against this guy for decades. He needs replaced… he does not represent Delaware, his support is mostly out of state (according to FEC website listing of supporters), and assumes we are his no matter what. Time to change.

    And, yes, Mr. Mosely, I use more than FEC website to research candidates, but it is a great source to assess who is officially in the game for Federal offices, who is supporting, and what types of PAC’s are behind them. All of this helps me to make informed voting decisions. And to share it in my circle of influence. I would hope all citizens would utilize the services provided, since we do pay the bill.

  27. Jon Moseley says:

    Replying to Citizen1960: Naturally I do expect you and everyone who is obviously involved and internet-active to access many sources of information, and that is good. I was simply responding to the earlire post that suggested a desire to use the FEC as their source for the status of elections. I would agree that everyone here is likely to be an avid reader of political information from many sources. But I don’t think the comment earlier was quite fair that one has an obligation to file with the FEC before actually required merely to post information for voters. While I suppose it is reasonable for someone to look there, I can’t say I have ever personally come across an average voter looking at the FEC website for that purpose. All I said was that even if a candidate had announced (and reporting by journalists or bloggers does not equal an announcement by a candidate) that is not what governs the FEC requirements. Also, concerning your thoughts on what it costs to head into a Party convention, please consider that I did not say that our discussions with an election law attorney occurred during this current election cycle nor that the attorney was specifically engaged for this campaign rather than presenting the laws affecting all candidates. This is not the first time out for Christine O’Donnell, so she does not need to repeat some things that are not new for her. Also, remember that the filing requirements look back in time 15 days ago, and are not measured as of today. Finally, the Delaware GOP is now entering a Party convention where the process is about the peronsal decisions of the Republican Party. People could be making some assumptions (understandable based on what we normally think about with campaigns) that don’t quite apply in this context at this stage, such as about campaign spending heading into a Party convention.

  28. Citizen1960 says:

    Mr. Mosely,

    Fair response… I appreciate it. Good luck at the convention, and both you & Christine’s future endeavors…

    I still believe Tim offers the fresh voice, and gives Delaware a new choice with new perspective…

    It is my humble opinion that C.O. had a chance at the Senate seat… both as an R, inside the party in the primary, and of course as an I, with her write in campaign vs Carper(D) & Ting(R)…

    Either way, we, the delegation of the party have an important choice to make this weekend… and after so doing, I hope that both Tim & Christine will find unity behind the selection made… and join forces to defeat Joe Biden.

    Biden is not undefeatable… no matter how arrogantly he assumes delaware will always line up behind him. Frankly, alot of us are fed up…

    Best wishes

  29. Citizen1960 says:

    correction: write in only in primary for C.O. only, not general …

  30. Citizen1960 says:

    correct correction:
    busy day… sorry for confusion… hit enter before completing

    I don’t want to add to confusion of thread, but offer info to consider reason to consider Tim’s candidacy as a better option for the GOP.

    C.O. pulled 17%+ in primary voters (R) & only 4%+ in general as a write in candidate.

  31. concerned says:

    Did some more looking and I think my conclusion is neither of these have a snowball’s chance in … well … yeah.

    Mr Smith is completely unknown – it would take a miracle for him to do much.

    Miss O’Donnell doesn’t have a chance either. As pointed out by her campaign manager, she hasn’t even raised or spent $5,000 yet. The FEC reports from the last dismal run shows she raised slightly over $41,000 … for the *entire* election. Biden has over a million sitting in his account. No contest.

    Looks like another 6 years of Joe to me.

  32. Chris Theis says:

    Hey, Citizen1960 and concerned. Why not disclose who you really are? I believe you not to be just casual citizen observers. I helped Christine on her last campaign and consider Tim a good friend and have accompanied him to an event or two, but I find myself very disheartened by this thread.

  33. Chris, thanks for stopping by! I wouldn’t be disheartened particularly if you are supporting Smith’s candidacy. Citizen1960 said in #30 – I don’t want to add to confusion of thread, but offer info to consider reason to consider Tim’s candidacy as a better option for the GOP. I perceive that concerned is discouraged. If I take any comfort, it’s in this: Biden got into office because Boggs assumed he had an easy win. Could that be turned around and tossed back at him? Maybe…

  34. Chris Theis says:

    Thanks E, Here is my only point. We have 2 great candidates in Tim and Christine for different reasons. What we don’t need is for them or their surrogates to bloody the candidates with non-issue oriented crap (ie. Obama/Hillary) and have them both come out weaker against the Goliath.

  35. Citizen1960 says:

    My reason for remaining anonymous is my own, is personal, and has nothing to do with any points I have raised.

    The real question here is, “Who is the poster “Joe” of posts 2 & 6, and what is his (or her) purpose?” His/her twisted attack on Smith, combined with Mosely’s arrogance towards Smith & his team is what engaged me. (I suggest her, as a similar blogger on another site, by the name of WilmingtonWilma… or something like that made a similar post at about the same time his was posted… interestingly enough. I chose not to respond to it, as it is a dead thread and best left that way…)

    If you have read all of my posts, with an open mind, I have clearly attempted to present my self & goals as follows:

    1) Joe Biden is the issue, and needs to be replaced.
    2) I have actively supported & voted for Ray Clatworthy in last 2 elections.
    3) I voted for Christine O’Donnell in the last campaign.
    4) I believe that Tim Smith is the better choice for this election, and I am an active supporter. I have not made a secret of that fact, and am not attempting to minimize my full support.
    5) I am a delegate to the convention, and hope Tim is endorsed.
    6) Whether Tim or Christine wins the convention, I will support that candidate, and hope they will line up behind the other after this weekend.
    7) Joe Biden must go.

    I deeply apologize if my words or points have disheartened anyone on this blog. That was never my goal, and still isn’t. If Tim and Christine are who they each appear to be, we won’t have to worry about an Obama/Clinton melt down… rather, we can…we should… and I will … support the winner of the convention through election day.

    Again… Joe Must Go!

  36. Just Say No To Joe! says:

    I agree with Chris. But I would really like to hear Tim Smith speak. It seemed like Christine (on the radio) wouldn’t let him get a word in, and being a nice guy I guess he didn’t want to be rude and shout her down like she was doing. She didn’t come off well. Her voice was shrill and going on and on about nothing, no real answers. WGMD & Fox News claims balanced and fair reporting but that show was anything BUT fair and balanced.

    I have never heard Tim Smith make one unjust accusation agains Christine. Also I found Smith’s pledge to back Christine if she wins the nomination very admirable. He seems like a real “Team Player” but Christine would not make such a pledge!! Would she instead divide the conservative vote just to make a name for herself. Is she just out for personal glory? Could she have moved to DE 5 years ago simply to make a name for herself and unseat the crotchety old Biden?

    I am thrilled to have 2 candidates to choose from that are pro-life and pro-family!! But it would be really great if Christine especially could remember they are on the same team in the grander scale of things!

  37. “Also I found Smith’s pledge to back Christine if she wins the nomination very admirable.”

    So he made a pledge? I had heard bits and pieces about that, but no one confirmed it for me. I would hope that both Tim and Christine would take that pledge.

    “It seemed like Christine (on the radio) wouldn’t let him get a word in, and being a nice guy I guess he didn’t want to be rude and shout her down like she was doing.”

    I did not hear it, but was told about it. I am not sure that Christine realizes that you have to debate differently as a candidate than you would on a network like FOX. Bulldozing through the opposition doesn’t ussually win over swing voters.

  38. Corey Murphy says:

    My only question is what role does experience play in all of this?? Can one really expect to have had no exposure to politics, even local, and still be effective in the US Senate. Is it really that easy to be acclimated with our system of government? It seems neither candidate has had much if any experience in local (never mind national) government. Help me figure this out.

  39. Joe says:

    Citizen 1960, How did I twist Tim Smith’s words? I was at the meeting. I heard him rant like a crazy man with my own ears. I find it amusing that you are so full of questions about me and what my “purpose” is. My purpose is to discuss this election, just like you. Or are you the only person who is allowed to post on this blog? I wasn’t aware that this blog is Mr. Smith’s press office. Funny that every post you make on this site reads exactly like a press release for Tim Smith. Do you really think people on here are stupid enough to think that you are just a casual blogger? Lol. Enough with the Tim Smith campaign propaganda. Can we have a real conversation about this race?

  40. Everyone, the GOP convention was today, Sat. 5/3. I just got word from Paul Smith’s site:
    UPDATE (11:15): Christine O’Donnell won the endorsement with 60.7% of the vote just over the 60% requirement. Smith has promised to drop out and support the endorsed candidate.

  41. […] a good idea for me to drive across town like that. Anyway, considering all the activity over at this post regarding the Tim Smith campaign, it’s worthwhile to repeat what I was texted by an attendee […]

  42. Citizen1960 says:

    My closing view #1:

    Congratulations Christine. Best wishes on taking down the Biden. As a delegate, I was pleased to see Mr. Smith show support for you, and the convention gave great support to Mr. Smith.

    Go get Joe!

  43. Citizen1960 says:

    My closing view #2:

    To “Joe” the poster…

    The reason I do not believe you post is many, not the least of which I have also heard Mr. Smith speak on many occasions, he never “rants” as you keep insisting.

    Second, if indeed you want to have credibility… at least offer the date, time and name of the event you referenced.

    I still think… your purpose has more to do with discrediting Tim than discussing issues.

  44. Citizen1960 says:

    Closing view #3:

    Again to “Joe” the poster…

    Thanks for suggesting my posts “read like a press release”, maybe I can find a second career in journalism, I take that as a compliment.

    To your question, “Can we have a real conversation about this race?”

    I would enjoy that my self. This particular blog was announcing Tim Smith’s candidacy, and of course his supporter’s & opponents will be attracted to discuss things here… I wish it had been the issues of “the race”, instead of attacks & defenses.

    You have not raised any issues on this post. Your only venue has been to minimize & attack Tim with unfounded and assumptive statements.

    I doubt you even understand the issues facing our state and our nation. They are many, they are grave, and we need some serious attention if we are to turn the corner in front of us as a state and as a nation. Not silly attacks on people who are willing to put it all on the line, and take on establishments like Joe Biden.

  45. I’m pretty sure that some offense has been taken at my selective editing comments on this post. Some stuff made it in the delete box, some stuff was trimmed to just minimize the back and forth. I really wish more had been discussed about the issues in the race, realizing though that the differences between O’Donnell and Smith were probably minor. Maybe I shouldn’t have let it go where it did. In any event if someone has issue with this, you are free to email me. The address is on the “About” page.

    While Tim Smith has bowed out gracefully, I hope that he will not see this as a completely closed door for running for any office. I hope that he will pursue some other post and maybe in the future pursue another state-wide office again.

  46. Chris Theis says:

    I know Tim will need a few days to process the weekend and I was sort of shocked that Vance Phillips seconded the O’donnell nomination. Even so, Vance’s point about Tim being a great candidate to unseat Venables in the state senate is right on. He has some campaign cash and momentum. Venables is vulnerable due to his age and the fiasco with the stem cell bill. I for one will encourage him to run for that seat.

  47. Just Say No To Joe! says:

    Closing Commets:
    Congratulations Ms. O’donnell. I really hope you have what it takes to take Biden down.

    To Corey Murphy. I imagine running for office after only minimal exposure in politics is a bit like becoming a DJ with only minimal experience in radio! You are doing a great job BTW! If we want different results we have to do things differently. Let’s face it, if you have the brains and passion you can do anything! I hope more “unexperienced” sharp gutsy folks will get involved!!

    To Jordan Warfel. As to the Radio spot on WGMD. I heard the whole thing, Tim Smith did pledge to back Christine O’donnell if she won the nomination. That takes serious guts on live Radio. When Smith challenged O’donnell to make the same pledge she back-peddled down the street and around the block, and made no sense at all!!

    It took serious character to stand by that pledge at the convention last Saturday, and Mr. Smith did just that. The big hug he gave Christine was sincere, warm and big hearted.

    I hope Christine wins agaist Biden. But if she doesn’t and Tim Smith runs again I do hope the GOP won’t be so stupid as to not nominate Tim Smith.

    As for Vance Phillips, my understanding was that the person in his position was supposed to be neutral. Not only did he second the O’donnell nomination but then in a very manipulative and underhanded move steered the delegates into voting for Christine by suggesting Tim run against Venables. Can you say SLIMY!

    Maybe Mr. Phillips doesn’t really want Biden to loose, maybe since he couldn’t take Goliath down he is still, after 12 years coddling his own ego. Things that make you go Hmmmmm…

  48. coreyfranklin says:

    Hey Just Say No To Joe! Good call…I see your point. However, I wouldn’t compare a DJ to a Senator!! We’re much better looking!! Having no experience is the story of my life!! LOL

    I admired Tim for running with little experience, because you’re right, sometimes we need something fresh and new. I know there was a lot of stock put into the fact that God had called him to run. I only hope that he’s doing ok and takes some time to process it all. Being in the spotlight can be tough. My prayers are with him.