Less Than Inspired

Posted: 04/05/2008 by that's Elbert in blogging, cars, opinions, personal

Like it has been pointed out many times, it is a good idea to keep new content on your site daily. I go through these fits of inspiration at least twice a week. They don’t always lead to many posts, but at least they lead to something. Of course I have to share some other things, such as my daughter’s birthday. Today, I’m yawning in the middle of the day running through the events of the past week and thinking about tomorrow’s stuff. What added to the stress of the week was having both, yes both of our autos broke down at the same time for most of the weekend. I got the truck back on the road late Sunday afternoon but in a family of six, a truck that seats three as your primary vehicle isn’t always good. Thankfully I have several friends and family that helped us get everywhere this week, plus living in town makes getting to and from work and school much easier. Today the van is back on the road, in no small thanks to Reynolds Automotive, located just north of Delmar on US Route 13 and some simply miraculous provision for the repair bill.

WordPress has updated the backend of this blog. There’s a very small learning curve to this new interface. which mostly involves getting used to where some of the links are located now. Overall, it is very pleasant! I really love using WordPress. It’s only drawback is that you can’t place Google ads on here nor can you embed things like weather stickers, BlogNetNews ranking, or other stuff like that. It’s why I have an offsite “about” page to accommodate some of that content. If I host my own WordPress blog I would avoid this, but as it is for hosting this is much better for someone getting started.


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