The Race For Delaware Governor

Posted: 03/27/2008 by that's Elbert in Delaware, democrats, election, GOP, governor, Republican

Folks, the race for governor here in the great state of Delaware just isn’t shaping up the way I had hoped it might. As it stands right now, we’ve got 5 announced candidates: 2 Democrats, 2 Republicans, and one from a new political party called The Public Party. So far there are no candidates for the Independent Party or the Libertarian Party. Most everyone in Delaware knows that the GOP leadership doesn’t have a candidate that they can bless before the convention and the primary, so they are left with Protack and Graham. In my assessment thus far, we have no conservatives running for the office.

Prior to Dave Graham entering the race, I had an idea: why not run for governor myself? I’m more conservative than Mike Protack. It appears that Protack doesn’t have fans in some sectors of the GOP. My campaign slogan leading up to the primary: I’m not Mike Protack. For some, just the slogan alone might bring in some votes.

To be clear, I have nothing personal against Protack. Some of his 50 Ideas For Delaware are not good ideas, and it’s stuff like that where we would differ. On the surface, his DelaCare plan sounds more like policy ideas from the Dark Side. To be fair, I’ve not dug very deep into it yet, but slogans like “Every One Is In, No One Is Out, Every One Pays Their Fair Share, Every One Is Responsible” certainly raise some hammers and sickles red flags.

Anyway, what say ye? A vote for me is not a vote for Protack. 🙂

  1. Paul Smith says:

    I’ll vote for you! Of course, I’ll vote for anyone running on that slogan…

  2. kavips says:

    Go ahead. Run.

    It has got to be fun.

  3. I’ll vote for you…

  4. I have family in Laurel…..

  5. swampcritter2 says:

    Elbert, you know Dude, I’m not a Delaware resident, so maybe I’ve got no creds in this discussion, but why not run? It may seem crazy, but hey in the last election in Delaware you had a Libertarian bar owner up there in a debate with your gov and a Republican candidate. The bar owner was taken seriously and not dismissed as a mere bar owner, and was accorded respect during the debate. He lost of course, but he was passionate enough about what he believed in to be taken seriously. He took advantage of a forum and got out his message. Can you do as much? Don’t even try and tell me that you don’t believe in miracles Elbert. Or is this forum your main squeeze?

  6. OK, I’ve got at least four votes (Paul, Kavips, gubernatorial candidate Rob Foraker, and Howard). I might be on a roll…

  7. I will be in debates come July…The candidates have eaten every word in debates…The state,county are broke..

  8. swampcritter2, hmmmm…

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