Stupid Criminals Delaware Edition

Posted: 03/07/2008 by that's Elbert in crime, Delaware, Laurel, Laurel Delaware, laws, News & Politics, police

Last week on February 26 the Laurel Police seized 105 pounds of pot. How did they get it? They got it from a vehicle they stopped for running a red light. The driver, Donald P. Gayle, was coming from Virginia Beach heading to his home in New Jersey. Also last week on February 29, Harrington Police seized 140 pounds of pot. How did they get it? They got it from a vehicle with the wrong license plates. The driver, Sherri N. Taylor, was coming from New Jersey heading to Norfolk, VA.

Both Gayle and Taylor were stopped for simple traffic violations. One was going from VA to NJ, the other was going from NJ to VA. Maybe Gayle should have stayed in NJ and hooked up with Taylor and shared the wacky weed. Then they would have been off the road and out of jail. Well, that’s why I call them stupid criminals.

Two thumbs up to officers in both towns for getting 245 pounds of marijuana out of circulation.

The News Journal article is here.

  1. Laurel says:

    So I guess something good has come out of the ridiculous amount of time our officers spend on traffic detail. I haven’t seen them (the po po) with their radar guns on the west side of 9 for a while – are they maybe spending more time at Hollybrook Apts in light of the TWO recent shootings?

  2. I have noticed that there has been a lot of time spent on traffic duty. Last week they were pulling over cars near the high school during the beginning of school. I would suppose they were enforcing the 20 mph speed limit out there.