Georgia House Coming To Laurel?

Posted: 03/03/2008 by that's Elbert in food, Laurel, Laurel Delaware

I have heard that Georgia House Restaurant will be opening in Laurel in the old RJ’s place. Currently they have a restaurant in Millsboro. It’s a great place to eat. It will be nice to have a business back in the empty building, and what better restaurant? Here’s the best part: they are within walking distance from home! The wife and I will need to go for a walk this spring.

  1. Erin J says:

    You know I didn’t even know that RJs wasn’t in business anymore.

    I’ve never been to Georgia House, but I do that Michelle talks and talks at lunch about how her husband used to work there. She says its great, but then again she might be biased! 😛

    BTW- I found your blog totally by accident while searching for the Laurel Education Website (which I don’t even think we have one…)