The Meaning of Swift-Boating

Posted: 02/22/2008 by that's Elbert in conservative, democrats, History, liberal, Politics, word

Michele Malkin has a good post about the definition of “Swift-Boating”. It’s a term that came from the ads ran by the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth during John Kerry’s run for the White House back in 2004. The Swift Boat Vets told the truth about John Kerry thus hurting his run for the White House. As Michele reminds us:

A reminder to conservatives: “Swift-Boating” does not equal smearing. Swift-Boating means exposing hard truths about corrupt Democrats.

Don’t let anyone redefine this term. The article is here.

  1. swampcritter2 says:

    John Kerry even today concedes the “Swiftboat Vets” cost him the election. What most folks are unaware of is that members of the Swifties have for years been pointing out the discrepancies of Kerry’s war record, and were largely ignored. It took a national campaign however, to pique the public interest into this controversy. Kerry was always quick to remind people of his military service in Vietnam and his medals, but when asked to explain some of the inaccuracies and outright lies promulgated by the Vietnam Veterans Against the War that he (Kerry) helped disseminate, he dismissed them as liars. When the Swifties were able to produce documentation, Kerry’s protests and denials started sounding hollow. He comes off as arrogant and haughty anyway, which never helped him. If he’d played his cards right, and not gotten his panties twisted, and whine that his sacred honor had been impugned, he might be the Prez today. I say “Thank you for the service to your Country, Swiftboat Vets!” If the term “Swiftboat” has entered into common usage as a euphemism for “smear” then it’s a small thing, considering that so much was gained because of it.