Shock! ACLU Gets It Right

Posted: 02/20/2008 by that's Elbert in Barack Obama, democrats, election, GOP, government, John McCain, liberal, News & Politics, Politics, President, socialism, socialist

According to Hot Air, the ACLU is taking South Park to court, South Park, PA, that is. The ACLU is defending Dr. Joseph Rudolph, who has been putting up political signs on his property. South Park’s problem is that they don’t allow political signs until 30 days before an election. As far as I’m concerned, and I think the first amendment would concur, he’s got the right be put that sign out there any time he pleases. It’s political free speech. If the guy wants to support Obama or any other candidate, let him do so whenever. Hot Air’s article asks:

Doesn’t this 30 days code sound an awful lot like McCain-Feingold?

And one of the bill’s authors wants to be our president.

The source article is located here.


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