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Posted: 02/17/2008 by that's Elbert in Delmar, food, Laurel, scrapple

Average Girl has been posting recipes on her blog, but her best food post has been on scrapple. Scrapple is that wonderful food I ate as a young lad. Toss some eggs over easy and a slice of toast on the plate with it and I’m ready to eat. My doctor was not happy that I consumed it so I needed to scratch it from my diet. Well…

Delmar Dustpan has a great article on family grocery stores in Delmar from “back in the day”. I don’t know about many where I was raised over in eastern Sussex. I’m sure that they were at least as plentiful as in Delmar. There was a place in our neighborhood that was at one time a sub shop. It is currently someone’s home, resting in a odd location well away from Central Avenue and other major roads. I am sure in it’s time the location didn’t matter if the food was good.

  1. swampcritter2 says:

    I grew up eating cereal, the proper breakfast food for the Boomer generation. My brother and I harangued and pleaded with my Mom to buy us whatever sugar-laden garbage was pitched on Saturday morning TV. On Sundays though, the old man cooked breakfast, and he was a farm boy and that meant scrapple and eggs. I didn’t mind scrapple at all. After I left home however, I never ate it but once in a long while. My dad however ate it 5 or 6 times a week for breakfast for the rest of his life, and his cholesterol was fine. On Sundays when he got older he expected me to show up and have breakfast with him, usually at a very early hour. We’d eat scrapple and eggs always. Then we’d read the paper and hobnob a bit. he liked Rapa Hot and Spicy. After he passed away I seldom ate it, but when I do I always think of him. My daughter lives in Berkely, CA. There’s no scrapple there, I assure you. Whenever she comes home for a visit guess what she wants? Scrapple, she says it reminds her of home.

  2. Average Girl says:

    Thanks!!! I will be posting about this and linking viewers to your site. When my kids were teething, I would cook scrapple and eggs over easy, mix them together and they would tear it up!!!

    Thanks Again,
    Average Girl