He Just Wanted To Play Your Music

Posted: 01/31/2008 by that's Elbert in Music, podcast, radio

I stumbled across a blog entry on The Old White Guy Blog about his troubles trying to license music for a podcast version of his broadcast. I love these lines:

I’m mad as…well, really ticked…and I’m not going to take it anymore!

Do you know what I’ve been doing for hours? I’ve been dealing with idiots!

Uh…Jesus just told me that I couldn’t say that because they are idiots for whom he died.

Okay. Let’s start over.

I’ve been dealing with bureaucrats (a.k.a. idiots) whose purpose in life is screwing up the world.

Somebody somewhere somehow has got to make this licensing stuff easier. I’ve read numerous stories about recording artists who wish to re-issue some of their old albums but can’t. It’s due to the company owning them making it so difficult to license their own recordings. I know of one band that re-recorded their first album because they couldn’t get the original masters from the current owners. It’s a crazy mess.


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