The End of The Year With The Beginning of The New

Posted: 01/01/2008 by that's Elbert in blogging

Shunning New Year’s resolutions a while ago, in a odd state of mind during Christmas/New Year’s 2006, I decided I wanted to do three things in 2007. I managed to get one of them done, and that is the blog you’re viewing now. It has been fun and hard work. I have made many friends and actually met one of them in person (twice). I’ve got to give a lot of thanks to Howard at Delmar Dustpan, Karen at A Woman’s Point of View, Michael at Monoblogue, and Hube at The Colossus of Rhodey for the links on their sites which have sent a lot of traffic here. Many others have linked here, and I also say thank you for the links.

And to all three four five of my readers, thank you for taking the time to visit! 🙂 May God’s richest and best be yours this year!

  1. Michael says:

    Hey, you better quit bragging about your readership or Joe Albero will get on your case!

  2. I can’t have that!!

  3. swampcritter2 says:

    Elbert, Five? Only five? C’mon’! I hope you are referring to posters and not readers.

  4. I did need to update that. So the number should be about eight. 🙂 No, really, it appears that according to the numbers WordPress gives me, there is a steady readership here. I get a lot of search engine traffic too.