Turning Forty

Posted: 12/27/2007 by that's Elbert in Family Stuff, friends, personal

I was going to write a post about turning 40 when I reached that milestone last week. I realized after starting that my idea was a really bad idea. It turned into a whiny, self-centered article without a lot of redemptive value. Ugh.

What was overlooked in the post was a huge amount of gratitude. There was no gratitude for making it 40 years. There was no greatfulness for the life experiences that have come my way. There was no thankfulness for the friends I have made. There was nothing noting how wonderful life has been with my family.

Lacking a sense of history, my wife reminded me of this same behavior showing up at 30. It would appear that history was about to repeat itself. My father behaved the same way about his age. It would appear that those same bad behaviors were being carried to my generation.

What needed to be done was simple. Don’t repeat history and be grateful for all that has been given to me. Thank the Lord that he gave me 40 years. Stop being so whiny and self-centered. Safe to say that several of my readers and friends would have snapped me back in line anyway. And I had better be thankful for that too.

It would appear that I have written a post about turning 40 anyway.

  1. howard says:

    Of all the ages to turn, I thought 40 was the worst. At 40 you are pretty much where you are going to be in life for the rest of your life, all those dreams you had at a younger age have long since gone, employers start looking at younger people to move up the ladder and ignoring you, etc. I was so depressed no one wanted to be around me for about 2 months. After 40 however birthdays doesn’t matter as all you have to look forward to is death. Happy Birthday Elbert

  2. kavips says:

    Happy Birthday:

    All birthday’s are milestones. You start to realize just how much as other people start dying within your frame of reference.

    In reality, it is amazing you ARE here…Just think of the trillions upon trillions of events taking place since the beginning of time, just to get YOU here, and not someone else totally different from you, sitting at your keyboard..

    Kind of amazing when seen from that perspective………

  3. swampcritter2 says:

    For a long time I was expecting some sort of revelation, (an epiphany if you will) and I always had a notion that it would coincide with a certain year in my life. Well thirty came and went with nothing, same with forty. Nada. (Although by then I wasn’t expecting as much) Now I’m past 50, and 50 went by so fast I didn’t even pay it much mind. Now I’m going to be 56, the revelation has just occurred to me. There ain’t gonna be no revelation! So,it doesn’t pay to be so self-absorbed. Be cynical instead. That way you can always be surprised.And have a sense of humor about it. Follies are there for a reason.

  4. Rick Umali says:

    Happy Birthday. I wrote about turning forty myself on my BLOG recently. I then made a YouTube video about it. See http://www.youtube.com/rickumali