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Posted: 12/01/2007 by that's Elbert in Christianity, church, divorce

The Paula White post has become a very popular one. After writing the post, I thought I’d get a lot of heat over the appearance of “being easy” on her. I wondered if I should have pounded harder on the divorce. How hard did they fight for their marriage? How much was this genuine or just a separation of convenience?

I guess what got me off in another direction was this article by Paul Edwards on Town Hall. The article re-tells the interview he conducted with Paula White on his radio program. Paul Edwards comes across with a negative bias toward her ministry even before conducting the interview, mostly due to his problems with what she teaches in her most recent book. It would appear that even if he wasn’t, he walked away from the encounter with skepticism regarding this whole divorce situation. In addition, his article has stirred some concerns in me.

The defensiveness Paula White displays in this article is understood. Paul Edwards doesn’t care for that segment of Christianity so his line of questioning is going to be harder. What troubles me is what he writes here:

I began the interview by asking her to justify statements made by members of her church, and posted at Tampa Bay Online, that her divorce “wouldn’t weaken the church in any way.” How is that possible, I asked? Beyond the impact on the church, how is it possible that two high-profile ministers could conclude that their own relationship was so damaged that divorce was the only solution, and yet believe themselves spiritually fit to continue their ministries? White had no concrete answers which led her to conclude our conversation rather abruptly in a desperate attempt to shift the focus:

And while we’re talking about painful, difficult situations, with all due respect…we’ve taken 30 minutes on divorce. But I don’t understand why an interviewer, or a believer as yourself, has not asked me how my daughter, who has a death sentence, with third and fourth stage cancer—how she’s doing now.

For a moment I sat in shocked silence. For one thing, I didn’t know about her daughter’s illness. But more importantly, I was shocked that White would use a family tragedy to make me look like a terrible person given her inability to offer legitimate answers to my legitimate questions about her theology and lifestyle.

What, I thought, does her daughter’s illness have to do with answering questions about her divorce and psychologically saturated prosperity theology? Is what Paula White believes and teaches above criticism because she has a terminally ill daughter?

Interestingly, the daughter in question is actually her estranged husband Randy’s daughter from a previous marriage. And this person is not a child, but an adult. Paula White led me and my audience to believe that she had a young child at home dying of cancer; she played the sympathy card when it became apparent she had lost the sympathy of the audience on the issues she was asked to address.

Why side step the questions about the divorce? If this is right, why not defend the decision that was made?

Being a former credential holder, I can say that if I had even contemplated something like what she did, my overseers would have probably knocked me upside the head for even thinking it. That was how seriously they took the ministry. It was personal accountability.

If a minister even decided to take that route, a sabbatical would be in order. Take a break from all of it and get yourself in order. There are some things that are important, and this is one of them. Straighten out yourself so you can help others. Let Jesus minister life back into you so you can minister it to others.

I don’t know what you have gotten out of this post, but to give some perspective, read the previous post about Paula White.

On a side note, based on Paul Edwards’ bias, I have to wonder why in the world Paula White did an interview with him anyway. Someone on her staff didn’t think that one through.

  1. eeeewww says:

    I’m a CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN and try to look at things the way Christ would and does look at them. At first when I saw Paula White on TV I found her Charming and she kept my attention….but….the more I listened to her message I realized thats EXACTLY what it was “HER MESSAGE”, it had NOTHING to do with the GOSPEL of CHRIST;Winning Souls;Discipleship etc…just a GET RICH Scenario that really made me feel a RIGHTEOUS ANGER at first but now I really feel SORRY for the Lady because she’s so deceived by SATAN and/or HER own Self Arrogance that its pityful. The Apostle Paul wrote in 1 Tim and 2 Timothy about a GREAT FALLING AWAY from hearing the TRUTH and PETER spoke of PREACHERS making MERCHANDISE of you. I pray Paula will EXAMINE herself to see whether or not she’s in the FAITH of the SON OF GOD ONCE DELIVERED TO THE SAINTS. The Lord can and will FORGIVE YOU Paula but you have to do something I have NEVER/EVER heard you say in your sermons and that is REPENT!

  2. Don’t worry, GOD HIMSELF knows all and HE will catch up with those evil workers of inequity! Remember Apostle Paul? But GOD IS FAIR and HE MUST give them a chance to repent first!!! THAT is why Jesus died on the cross for our sins, to give us a chance to repent! PRAY THAT THEY REPENT!!! GOD DOESN’T WANT TO LOSE EVEN ONE!!! And you can understand why………..Eternal hell is going to be awful!!! And you wouldn’t want even your WORST enemy to go there!!!! I mean it!!! Pray for these people that they turn from their wicked ways and God will heal their land………………and OURS!!! USofA!!!!