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Posted: 11/26/2007 by that's Elbert in blogging, Delaware

I want to make mention of a couple of blogs I’m adding to the blogroll. First, I added Jokers To The Right under the Delaware heading. It is operated by Ryan, a student at the University of Delaware.

Second, I’m adding another blog, Don’t Go Into The Light. It’s another blog from somewhere in Delaware. I have to add this just one because it’s based from somewhere in Delaware AND it’s been linked on posts on Michelle Malkin’s site.

Third, I am pumped about Michael Swartz‘s choice to blog on some Delaware politics. I put a link under “Delaware” to his site, specifically to his category “Delaware Politics”. He writes with detail and dissects the issues in a intelligent way. I’m very happy he is turning his sights to the north of Salisbury!

If you have noticed I have added a link on my “about” page to some other information I can’t add to my blog page. I’ve got two weather stickers on there reporting the current conditions at the two local weather stations. Also, you can see the blog’s ranking on BlogNet News (this week That’s Elbert is at #7!). At the request of one of my sons, I’ve brought back my “Howard Dean or The Brain” page. Go take a look! I’ll pull out the Earth Day celebration page sometime soon.


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