Laurel’s Discovery Project Is Getting Smaller

Posted: 11/26/2007 by that's Elbert in community, Laurel, Laurel Delaware

I completely missed the latest news on Discovery Place. The size of the project has been reduced. Some of the land for the planned project was sold to someone else. In addition, some of the initial investment money dried up due to the lawsuit filed by some property owners in the area. This would have been a very large project if all of it came to pass, which I didn’t think all of the plan would happen. I thought that the area could support at least part of the project. You cannot deny that we are in the squeeze between Seaford and Salisbury/Delmar. Some businesses just won’t locate here or thrive here. As a community, we need to set up the environment to create economic growth. Fighting against projects like Discovery do nothing but doom our community to ghost town status.

SCOLDM is happy about the trashing of the original plans. But they might have another battle to take up depending on what Samanda Properties decides to do with that chunk of land they bought from under Discovery Place. They already own land in the Laurel area and plan on developing it. I wonder what their plans are for this new acquisition.

Links: Delmarva Now! | Laurel Star.


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