Sesame Street Ruined My Life

Posted: 11/19/2007 by that's Elbert in culture, education, Movies and TV, opinions, progressive, Rants/Opinions, socialism, socialist, society, TV

My mother said that some of my early educational experiences were from Sesame Street. I don’t remember much except that I liked Ernie and the Cookie Monster. Did you ever try to laugh like Ernie or eat cookies like Cookie Monster? When I woke up politically I did wonder how much of the Socialist Kool Aid I may have ingested. I don’t remember that show being so bad that it wouldn’t be appropriate for my kids or my far-in-the-future grandkids to see. It was a mix of entertainment and education. Harmless, unless you’re today’s hypersensitive liberal.

I saw this on Slashdot Sunday. Sesame Street: Old School volumes 1 and 2 are now available on DVD. The disks come with a warning (?): “These early ‘Sesame Street’ episodes are intended for grown-ups, and may not suit the needs of today’s preschool child.” Adults only?? This is SOOOOO stupid.

  1. John says:

    “hypersensitive liberals”? lol. As if conservatives aren’t equally as pro censorship. Especially Religious Right type groups. Remember when they had Mighty Mouse pulled off the air because he sniffed some flowers and they went up his nose? Apparently, he was promoting cocaine abuse. lol

    Why single out one or the other, bud? Liberals. Conservatives. Both suck.

  2. In these videos, they are labeling harmless material as “adult-only”. What’s wrong with Cookie Monster holding a pipe then eating it? Nothing. It’s humor. I’d let my young kids watch if I still had young kids. The way the show was is the way the show was. Why not leave the history alone? Liberals do like rewriting history though, don’t they?

    I know nothing about the Mighty Mouse stuff. From what I can tell, it was probably an overreaction.

    And before I forget… “John”, or at least I’m assuming that’s your name. You’ve got the guts to write what you’ve written but can’t use a real email address? Did you even use your real name? Are you ashamed of your opinion?? Well, I would be if it were mine. If you develop some inner fortitude, feel free to leave a comment with your real name and email address.

  3. John says:

    First off, I don’t know you from a hole in the ground. Second, wrong or right, I tend to think of fringe left or right wingers as psychotic, so I’m not about to give my email address to some stranger. It’s an online forum. It’s not even that serious or a matter of “guts”. I was simple stating my opinion. I don’t care to take it so such a serious level where we trade personal emails.

    You talk about liberals rewriting history and I agree. But i got a laundry list a mile long of my problems with both them and “conservatives”. And the point about Mighty Mouse? D*** right it was overreacting, but it’s not like only liberals overreact. Holier than thou theocratic religious conservative groups are just as bad as PC police liberals, oftentimes. How about when Falwell went on his tirade against the “gay TeleTubbie”. lmao.

  4. I can only think of a few situations where the anonymous comment is appropriate. You’re right, it’s not that serious, so why not use your real name and address? If you thought serious harm would come because of your name/email address was attached to you comment, then yes, anonymous is appropriate. But you’re not getting anything like that from me. Your email address is only visible to me. You wrote, “I tend to think of fringe left or right wingers as psychotic, so I’m not about to give my email address to some stranger.” So are you saying I’m psychotic? I’m insulted. I would think after looking around this blog you would come away from here thinking your comments would be treated fairly.

    You’ve got me thinking about writing a post on anonymous comments! 🙂

    Getting back to Sesame Street, the issue is someone seeing a problem with a monster that eats everything and a creature that perpetually has a bad day. What is wrong with that, really?

  5. Brad says:

    I’m saying I just distrust people who cling to liberal or conservative labels, in general. As in, I’m not sure who else might be seeing my email by giving it to you. But, I guess you’re OK.

    I agree on the Sesame Street thing. It was stupid beyond words. Whiny liberals.

    BUT, you still haven’t commented or have barely commented on the fact that conservatives do it, too, as in the two examples I mentioned above. You at least got to admit that censorship over ridiculous bull**** is something not exclusive to liberals or conservatives. That was my main point in the first post. You singled out liberals for this Sesame Street thing, while ignoring the same thing from conservatives because you identified with that label (Mighty Mouse, TeleTubbies, Spongebob Squarepants all targeted by CONSERVATIVES). This whole liberal vs conservative crap in this country is bull****, in my opinion. On most issues, I think both sides have some good points and there are many gray areas. It’s not as if there are two diametrically opposed answers to everything. That’s retarded and just meant to divide us and pit us as countrymen against each other, by placing us on teams.

  6. Brad, Thanks for extending your trust to me.

    I looked up the controversy over Mighty Mouse. According to Wikipedia, Mighty Mouse “sniffed a red flower he had crushed into a powder,” and “Media watchdog Reverend Donald Wildmon asserted that he was actually snorting cocaine.” I’d be upset about that, but the article also says that the series being produced at that time “was aimed more at grown-ups than children.” So maybe a disclaimer would have been appropriate. I would have been upset about that if in fact it wasn’t clearly marketed to adults. I would reserve a final judgment on this until I actually see the episode in question. Also, according to Wikipedia, ratings are what pulled the newer series off the air.

    Falwell and the Teletubbies. IMO, the whole Teletubbies thing had more problems with the dumbing down of children’s programming than the idea that a character was “gay”. I’m not sure that it was by design that a “gay” character was inserted but it would not surprise me if it was.

    SpongeBob. I had forgotten that there was some issue over whether or not SpongeBob was “gay”. I didn’t go for that. SpongeBob is just a goofy cartoon. I think the issue was over an episode when SpongeBob and Patrick were raising a young something, I can’t remember what now. In my view, it was two kids playing out rolls they had seen in adults. Most of the time SpongeBob acts like an 8 year old anyway.

    I think Falwell and Wildmon are well within their rights to protest this in media as does anyone else. In both of these incidents, the issues are moral. My issue with Sesame Street was their removal of material that wasn’t “politically correct” anymore. It wasn’t immoral, it just didn’t fit into someone’s political grid. I singled out Sesame Street here because I was commenting on a single current news event, not trying to write a longer post on left and right “censorship”.

    In my mind there are two totally different solutions to many problems, but probably not to everything. For whatever reason we are in a period of time where our divisions are loud and large. I’m not sure what will subside some of this. I thought that much of this would go away after 9/11, but it just went on a brief hiatus and came back with a vengeance.

  7. Brad says:

    He was not snorting cocaine. lol. Mighty Mouse was also not EVER an “adult cartoon”, any more than Sesame Street was or Looney Tunes. lol. It was a harmless children’s cartoon/program, just like Sesame Street, but less educational.

    The other things, you said in your defense of the other cases….dude your defenses holds just as much water as the Sesame Street censors defenses. You said:

    “I singled out Sesame Street here because I was commenting on a single current news event, not trying to write a longer post on left and right “censorship”.”

    All I’m saying, respectfully, is that both sides are guilty of this. Two solutions? Most issues are way more multifaceted and complex than many liberals or conservatives make them. It’s a matter of humoring even your “enemies” sides and looking at all factors WITHOUT bias. Liberals NOR conservatives can do this, and just want to point fingers at the other side, while not recognizing their own side’s flaws. The arrogance from both sides fuels the hatred and gets us nowhere.

  8. Brad, regarding Mighty Mouse, I know it’s a children’s cartoon. I saw it when I was growing up. Note that I quoted from the Wikipedia article about the marketing angle. That’s the only way I would know about it. The Wikipedia article is here. I did write incorrectly that it was pulled due to ratings; it was pulled due to the controversy.

    I would disagree that liberals nor conservatives can be unbiased. I think there are many people on the right and left that can judge things and report things fairly regardless of their political, social, or religious base. I think there are more fair-minded people on the right but that is probably my bias talking. 🙂

    The one advantage to liberal and conservative people is that for the most part you know where they stand. On the other hand, moderates seem to vacillate like the wind without any base.

    We do at least agree on one thing: some of these reactions do come across as knee-jerk and not seriously thought through.