Comcast and The Flow of The Internet

Posted: 11/04/2007 by that's Elbert in Internet, Movies and TV, Music, News & Politics, opinions, Rants/Opinions, software, Technology, USA

Here’s some more news on the Comcast traffic blocking story (I wrote about it near the end of this post). On 10/22, the New York Times had an article regarding Comcast’s blocking of peer-to-peer traffic. According to the article, Comcast “occasionally – but not always – delays some peer-to-peer file transfers that eat into Internet speeds for other users on the network.” If there is some truth to this, I can understand the desire to manage network traffic to benefit all subscribers, but I seriously doubt that a few peer-to-peer software users are using so much bandwidth that it’s going to mess up service to other Comcast users. Now there’s a complaint filed at the FCC against Comcast. has filed this complaint, which is discussed in the press release here. I guess this isn’t going to end real soon is it?


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