Halloween Night 2007

Posted: 11/01/2007 by that's Elbert in Delaware, Family Stuff, Fun, holidays, Just For Fun, Laurel, Laurel Delaware, personal, police

This was a good Halloween, if for no other reason just that we didn’t get egged on mischief night this year. Last year we nearly got our “eggers” but the police officer that handled our report could not put enough together to secure a prosecution. The kids that did it knew that we knew they did it, but if I could have gotten the tag number off of their vehicle that night, the law would have handled them. We were left alone this year probably because of their “close call” last year.

We have fun every year with the kids coming by for candy. This year the children’s costumes were better. I’m not sure if we had more children or not, but we didn’t have much left over at the end of it all.

Kudos to the Laurel PD for keeping the streets safe.

Some of our visitors include:

Halloween 2007 pic 1Halloween 2007 pic 2Halloween 2007 pic 3Halloween 2007 pic 4Halloween 2007 pic 5BOO!!!!

  1. jeff moss says:

    do you think the dad is a vikings fan?