Gmail Space Exploding

Posted: 10/28/2007 by that's Elbert in email, Internet, software, Technology

This post is for my friends using Gmail. I don’t follow the Gmail Blog, otherwise I would have seen this coming. Have you noticed that the space counter on Gmail has been escalating? I know it’s bumped up at least 600MB in the last week or so. According to their blog, they are adding more space to keep up with the users that are maxing out their available space. I have heard that Hotmail’s mailboxes are up to 5GB and Yahoo is now offering unlimited space, so it is possible that this move is designed to avoid losing users to other email services. Along with the increase in space, they are now offering IMAP. This is perfect for those of us that would like to have Gmail archive their old email. I’ve got about 4 years worth of mail sitting in my Outlook program that I didn’t want to loose, so most of it is now sitting on some Gmail server somewhere.  I’m a pack rat, and my email is not removed from my collecting ways. Even with most of the mail I’ve got archived, I’m still only using about 5% of the space available on Gmail. I guess I just don’t measure up to most.


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