Partisans Knocking Down Political Signs

Posted: 10/27/2007 by that's Elbert in bias, blogging, crime, Delaware, democrats, election, GOP, laws, opinions, Politics, Republican, socialism, socialist

We’ve had a rash of special elections since the ’06 election. The up-and-coming special election is in Delaware’s 14th Senatorial District. As reported in First State Politics, partisans are active in the 14th knocking down and damaging the signs for Republican Joanne Christian then placing signs for Democrat Bruce Ennis in it’s place. Shameful and disgusting, yet it’s no surprise coming from the party that will do anything to retain their power. It’s doubtful that this will make the News Journal because the damage was done to the Republican’s signs. Let one, just one Democrat sign be even tilted, and it will probably be top of the fold and top of the web page.


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