Random Thoughts: Regressives, RINOs and File Sharing

Posted: 10/22/2007 by that's Elbert in conservative, culture, democrats, election, GOP, liberal, Maryland, Movies and TV, Music, Politics, progressive, Rants/Opinions, Republican, socialism, socialist, Technology

Listening to Rush Limbaugh on Friday, I heard him refer to so-called “progressives” as “regressives”, a term that I’ve thought for a while should be used. The line in Kerry Livgren’s song “Progress” is so appropriate for them: Progress, we are marching backward… (I have all the lyrics on this post). According to NinjaWords, “regressive” means “returning to a former less advanced state”. We have dipped our toes in the cesspool of socialism and smelled the fowl stench of its waters. We cannot wade further into that.

Over in the People’s Democratic Republic of The State of Maryland, some of the residents of US House District 1 have decided they are tired of Wayne Gilcrest’s left-ward ways. They are working to toss him out of the House in the next Republican primary. Good for them! Hopefully they will put up a real Republican and get the RINO out of there. It looks like Andy Harris is their man. Could they clone him and send the clone to Delaware? I’d like to see our RINO gone too.

It appears that Comcast is interfering with some Internet traffic in an attempt to stop file sharing. While most would agree that the majority of file sharing occurring online is of the illegal type, this filtering is going to put a halt to legitimate file-sharing, such as certain movies and music, even software like Knoppix. I’ve recently gotten live music from two artists that allow their music to be shared. This is being distributed by BitTorrent, but this legal activity will be stopped as well. Even BitTorrent, Inc. is selling content now, but this will also be blocked. I’m annoyed and frustrated by that, but it’s within their rights to control the traffic that’s coming across their lines. If you want to take a “free speech” angle here, remember that Comcast is not a government agency nor are the lines delivering that service to your home part of public property. When they say that this filtering is a bandwidth issue, that file sharing software is effecting their other customers, I think they’ve got more available bandwidth than they are letting on. I wholeheartedly disagree with their filtering as it’s punishing the good with the bad, but I guess there’s no way around it. When I was in elementary school, frequently our class would be punished as a whole because of the actions of a few. In the situation with Comcast, I guess the few are being punished for the actions of the many. Either way, it’s sad.

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