Sean Hannity in Georgetown

Posted: 10/11/2007 by that's Elbert in Christianity, conservative, Delaware, Delmarva, democrats, education, georgetown, GOP, Politics, radio, Republican, schools, TV

Melody and I were guests at the Delmarva Christian High School Banquet Thursday evening. The school’s campus is located on the east side of Georgetown off of Route 9. We attended last year’s banquet as well. The school does a great job getting these events together. I saw a number of familiar faces at the event, including some political figures: US Rep. Michael Castle, State Auditor Thomas Wagner, and Sussex County Councilman Dale Dukes. We were sitting with some folks from our church along with Joel Hitchcock (glory to God, brother Joel!!!).

Delmarva Christian High School has a great facility, and they are looking toward finishing parts of the building including the kitchen, library, and the stage. This school year, they will be graduating their first class with students that have been there for all 4 high school years. In addition, I have known that they have yet to turn down a student for admission due to a lack of finances. That’s saying something.

TV and radio host Sean Hannity was the speaker for this year’s event. My wife and I wonder if he’s ADD or something, because he seemed change gears frequently during his speech. As you would expect, politics was a large part of his speech. He tossed in some funny jokes and impersonations of Bill Clinton (and I did think his Clinton jokes were funny). Being in a largely conservative Christian group, I thought he might talk more about his faith. Regardless, I thought he did a great job. I’d go see him again! He wrapped up his speech with a message of hope, which is what is needed in our times.

My wife and I wondered what was going through Mike Castle’s mind during Sean Hannity’s speech. Castle’s politics fall in the squishy middle; he’s one of those so-called “main street” Republicans. I’m not sure where that main street is, but I’m pretty sure it’s not around here. Hannity is a lot closer to the mainstream than Castle. So we were wondering how bad Castle wanted to get out of there. Some of the things Hannity said had to be getting under his skin. He had to be squirming to some degree. Anyway, that’s just what we were wondering.

  1. Joe says:

    To Glorify God. That is the DCHS mission. Did Sean’s speech Glorify God? Not even close. I attended the DCHS event last evening and did not enjoy Sean’s message at all. It was not nearly as positive and uplifting as last year’s message and and felt thrown together and disjointed. Not to mention that I, and many others, did not appreciate the off color sexually suggestive jokes. They were way out of place and anyone that says it was ‘all in good fun’ needs read the bible more. Even putting that aside, I did not find the political left bashing tasteful for such a fine evening where testimonies and God’s vision should have been the focus. If Rush Limbaugh had been there, I believe it would have been a different evening. Sorry Sean but do your homework on your audience next time and save the heavy political banter for Holmes’ next birthday roast.

  2. Greg LaFreniere says:

    What ever Sean Hannity’s faith may be, he is truly an ally to Christians in this Country. There are not many Christians that have the boldness and the platform to engage in head to head battle with the most vicious opposers of Christianity on a daily basis. I’m sure Mr. Hannity is exposed to the most outrageous individuals, who, like robots, utter daily talking points that expose the one-world government agenda (absent Christians) of the godless liberal schemers. The Bible is very detailed concerning the direction the world will follow, both politically and socially, in the end days.
    Some of Sean Hannity’s remarks were edgy, but assume he is hardened some by the daily barrage of twisted truths, unstable and humanistic poison in our Judicial system, and the morally grey fog that has affected our society and leadership.
    Sean Hannity is a 1776 American and should be supported through prayer by the faithful flock. Pray that he receives renewed strength and wisdom as he takes on America’s most traitorous.
    Imagine what our forefathers would have done with those who oppose the presence of God the Father in our government and land, exchanging Jesus Christ for forced acceptance of every other God but our own.
    Sean Hannity was a great choice for Delmarva Christian High School. DCHS has determined that they will not be a lukewarm participant in the raising of future leaders. Delmarva has committed to setting a higher standard by providing an excellent training facility where our young people will learn the principles and put to action Biblical view of servant leadership.
    The youth at Delmarva Christian High School have been blessed with wise servants placed in their path to provide the best education with God’s truthful standard at the forefront of every curriculum and activity. The students have also been blessed with powerful allies to speak on the behalf of Delmarva Christian High School’s mission and cause.
    Thank Sean Hannity and DCHS for refreshed understanding of what is on the line for the Red White and Blue.
    God Bless America !!

  3. Joe,
    I disagree. I thought it was uplifting. He laid out where we are today then pointed to where we could go by raising children equipped to defend their faith and live good lives. Those that sat at our table and around us appeared to enjoy the speech. I heard no complaints. Having listened to Sean on the radio and on TV, I fully expected the content he delivered, as I’m sure many others did.

  4. Jill says:


    Sean Hannity shows a lack of judgement telling sexually suggestive jokes at a Christian event. He really didn’t talk about his faith that much. I don’t think he is a Christian at all.

    To be blunt about it, I don’t care for this man at all.

  5. Jill,

    What would make you say Sean Hannity is not a Christian at all? Is that based on a joke?

    BTW, I’m not sure if “Joe” is a real person. I discovered after I approved his comment that the email address he left was bogus. Shame, to leave a comment without the boldness to connect his comment with a good email. Is “Joe” ashamed to be linked to his opinion? Then he should not have left one at all. If I can help it, that won’t happen again.

  6. Duane says:

    I am preparing for Cal Thomas tonight at DCHS and was reflecting on last years event and Googled to see if there was anyone out there who was as disappointed as I was with Sean Hannity. I read Joe’s post and I have to say I agree completely with him. Not only were his remarks off color and completely inappropriate they were also out of line with Paul’s word in Romans 13 or 1 Timothy 2.

    I also remember that he continually spoke of self-actualization. Do Christians understand what that is? Self-Actualization is the Godless philosophy espoused by various psychological theories claiming that man has all he needs within himself to reach his highest potential. That message is as contrary to Scripture as one can get. As Albert Mohler once said “The problem with people today is that they think their problem is something that has happened to them. In other words I have an alien problem that needs an inner solution. Scripture however says that I have an inner problem that can only be solved by an alien righteousness.” Amen. Sola Dei Gloria. Let’s hope for better with Mr. Thomas tonight.