GMA Hall of Fame: Phil Keaggy

One of my favorite musicians, Phil Keaggy, is going to be inducted into the Gospel Music Association’s Hall of Fame on October 29, 2007. If you’ve never heard of him, visit some of the pages below for an introduction.
Phil Keaggy’s MySpace page

I’m a bigger fan of his material from the 70s through the mid-90s, not that anything after the mid 90s was bad! I think the first Phil Keaggy song I heard was “Let Everything Else Go” from Town To Town (he did an acoustic version of the song on Way Back Home). Absolutely love that song. I tired playing it on the keyboard and realized that I can’t play that well. Singing the song is a challenge but I’ve had more success with that. I’ve got a friend from Georgetown that can nail that song on the guitar.

While I can’t play it for you, I will share the lyrics:

Chasing down hot air balloons on Sunday morning,
In pace with a familiar tune
I reach for nothing less, but something more.
All the day, and the wind is at my back most of the way.

Holding conversation with a friend I know is near,
Great anticipation fills my soul,
It fills my heart, it fills the air.
All the day, and the wind is at my back

Oh I can’t wait to see you Jesus, face to face,
Nothing in this world can take Your place.
All the pride of man laid low,
And all his works of gold,
Nothing can compare with what You are,
Let everything else go.

I was listening to this song while riding through central Pennsylvania. The scenery and the guitar solo on the end seemed to fit the hilly area, like the song were echoing through the valleys. For this flatlander and at that time a 14 year old kid, it was beautiful.