The Ninja of Dictionaries On Old Billboards

Posted: 09/29/2007 by that's Elbert in culture, education, Technology, word

I’ve found two web sites that I had to share. The first is a dictionary, Ninja Words. With a minimalist look, Ninja Words boasts that it is “fast like a ninja” delivering word definitions quickly. It draws from the Wiktionary, and if the definition is not there it goes to the Princeton WordNet dictionary. So far it lives up to it’s speedy promise. Giving credit where credit is due, my son Justin pointed this one out to me.

The second website is Billboards of The Past. The site sells old billboard signs, and it contains images of all of their wares. The site is a treat to rummage through if you’d like to burn up some time or walk down memory lane.

No, I never saw Ninja Words on a billboard. I was trying to plow together the two unrelated sites into a wild and wonderful title. Well, it looked nice to me anyway.


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