Praise In The Park In Delmar

Posted: 09/19/2007 by that's Elbert in church, Delaware, Delmar Blogs, Delmarva, food, Fun, Music, personal

I am the worship music leader at Delmar Christian Center in Delmar, DE. Our church is having an event called Praise In The Park on Saturday September 22nd from 11am until 2pm. There will be music, some drama, and free food. I will be playing the keyboard and singing during several music sets. Consider this an invitation to come. If you’d like, stop by the park and say hi. I’d love to meet you. If you need any more information, drop me an email.

Right now for Saturday, Accuweather is forcasting “very warm with sunshine mixing with some clouds” and a daytime high of 87. A bit warm for September but nice for a day outside!

  1. swampcritter2 says:

    I meant to catch this one Elbert,and I was actually up in your neck of the woods last Saturday. Unfortunately my bride wanted my undivided attention for a furniture shopping jaunt, so I didn’t make it. Is that really a picture of you playing keyboards over on Delmar Dustpan? If that’s you, you’re younger than I thought, and when is your next gig?

  2. Yes, that’s me on the keys. Sorry I missed you. I thought I’d see a few people out there but Howard is the only one I saw. That’s OK, I’ll catch everyone later. It was a busy weekend for most everyone.

    I think the pastor is talking about doing something like that again but there’s nothing laid in stone. Next gig? Hmm, we play together on Sundays but we haven’t played out very much, although I’d be interested in that taking place. The guy on the guitar, Mike Brown, has a CD of demos he’s done.

  3. karen says:

    Yeah, I’m disappointed that I missed it as well. I was not able to shuffle my schedule in order to slip over. Sounds like a great time. I agree with swampcritter…you are younger than I thought. I just sent a link to your site to Dwain the “hotdog man”. I work with him. Hopefully, I’ll make it to the next one.