Crazy Week And A Half-ish: Cars, Rashes, and Therapy

Posted: 09/18/2007 by that's Elbert in Family Stuff, personal

This has been a week. Sitting down, I finally decided to write something. I’m really exhausted from the events of the last seven days. First, our main automobile had a tire problem and while trying to change the tire, we had a lug nut problem. Two days after all this, the transmission quit, leaving my wife stranded on the side of the road (praise the Lord, she was close to home). Currently we are driving around with my truck which seats three, making it difficult getting my family of six plus one extended family member around.

Wednesday while at work, I broke out in a rash which decided to hang around for a while. I soon discovered that I have an allergy to the pain medication I took after the surgery. So the rash was medicinal. Along with that I had another rash caused by something else. I’ve got cream for it.

Thursday I started physical therapy which is needed after the shoulder repair. It’s not as bad as some say. I recognize that the benefits are just around the corner. Sometimes that corner seems it will never get here, but it’s coming. I’ve been around it once.

Well, I’ll write something productive soon. Let me gain my strength again. Or maybe something that resembles it.

BTW, I’m accepting donations for the transmission repair. Really. Well, not really, but really. Uh, maybe I should stop here.

Or here.

Maybe here.

No, I’ll do it here.


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